Color Therapy

Color Therapy

Color Light Therapy for pet healthColor can be applied in many ways including using colored lenses and color infused essences. Here are some guidelines how colors can help our animals and ourselves.

Rainbow-includes all the colors to provide a balance of the entire system to help calm and especially helpful for stress or trauma

Individual colors below can be used to target specific problem areas:

Violet- Spiritual frequencies can build the spleen, detoxify, purify and promote emotional releases, offers connection beyond the physical plane. Tumors/ Cysts

Blue- Cool, soothing frequencies aid meditation, help with insomnia & hypertension, antifungal, antibacterial & antiviral properties can fight infection & fever. Insomnia/ Meditation

Turquoise- Calm frequencies unify to benefit the immune system , skin conditions, thyroid and lungs, offers a sense of safety and protection during stress. Skin Conditions/ Immune/ Thyroid

Green- Helps balance and provide a sense of well being and peace, supporting joints, heart conditions, the nervous system, vision, blood sugar and elimination. Liver/ Gallbladder/ Blood Sugar

Yellow- Can strengthen the immune & endocrine systems, dry out infections, calm indigestion, plus flush and drain the lymphatic system. Detoxification/ Lymphatics

Orange- Lively frequencies offer hormonal balance, healthy metabolism and a joyful enthusiasm while relieving respiratory congestion and adrenal/ kidney weakness. Hormonal/ Depression

Red- Deeply penetrates tissue & skeletal structure to bubble up chronic conditions, relieve pain and strengthen the entire system. Pain/ Adrenals

Color therapy products are available through Dr. Fisher’s Holistic Natural Pet Store.

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of these products is donated to the Rescue Animal Mp3 Project