The Rescue Animal Mp3 Project

has donated and installed Rescue Animal Mp3 music in 1450+shelters in 50 states, soothing over 160,000 animals daily with very positive calming effects! Shelter Directors, Animal Control Wardens and Volunteers share their experiences with this music enrichment project for their animals.

We appreciate and sincerely thank the Directors, Wardens, staff, volunteers and adopters who compassionately care for all the homeless animals!

“I do have some follow up for you and I am happy to finally get a chance to say first of all thank you. This is one of the most incredible things I have ever seen and been a part of. I have been an animal control officer now for over four years now and this has changed our shelter dogs. I have been praised and thanked countless times and I don’t even deserve the credit…you do. What you have put together for these animals is no less than a miracle. I have played the MP3 player probably a couple of hundred times now and I still love turning it on and just walking by the kennels in a minute or so to listen to the quiet. We have two rooms and we alternate the player in both rooms and it is so amazing to hear the room with the music you have provided in the one room and listen to the dogs barking in the other, it is mind boggling. It is something every shelter and rescue across the country should have, and in my quest to help you and your cause will not stop here. We have developed a program called project H.E.A.L. in South Bend Indiana (we’re on facebook at projecthealin). This is a program where we work with troubled youths and dogs, and they are saying that they want to take this program nationwide and when it does this will be something required in every one of our facilities. This REALLY works and does make a true difference and so have you. Thank you from the dogs and all the people at our shelter. Great program keep up the fight as it is one of the few causes I truly believe in and will talk about everywhere I go.” ~Brad – South Bend Animal Care And Control, Project H.E.A.L., South Bend, IN

“This is baby Moyo, a elephant calf rescued from the north of Zimbabwe by Wild is Life, Grand Zimbabwe. We installed the Rescue Animal Mp3 Project in his stable, as soon as he arrived, 4 months ago. The music had an incredible impact on Moyo, calming him, helping him to sleep through a very difficult adjustment period. The music is still played to him when he comes in for the night at 6pm, and helps him to relax, lie down and fall asleep peacefully. Huge gratitude for this awesome tool for all animals … not just domestic ones! Thank you! xxx” ~Roxy – Wild is Life Trust, Harare, Zimbabwe Africa

“I am a volunteer at the Pottawattamie County Animal shelter in SW Iowa. We received one of your MP3 systems earlier this year and continue to be amazed at the effect it has on the dogs that are in our shelter. Even the hounds. The other night when “This Old Man” was playing with the pulsing beat in the background, Maddie, a CoonHound that we currently are caring for, who never stops barking, was quiet for the entirety of the song. It made me tearful. Thank You for what you are doing for the animals that sadly find themselves in shelters.” ~Genelle -Pottawattamie County Animal Shelter, Council Bluffs, IA

“We have your MP3 player and it has had an amazing effect on our animals. The music has helped almost quadrupled our adoptions! It has done so well for it, we contacted the local news and were featured on there. ~Joseph – Columbus County Animal Shelter, Whiteville, NC

“Even aggressive dogs are easier to handle” ~Erik – Valencia County Animal Control, Los Lunas, NM

“I wanted to let you know how wonderful the Mp3 is! We held a “World Spay Day” a couple of weeks ago, and our lobby was full of dogs – about 20 altogether. All of them were crying & howling & barking, so someone suggested they turn on the music – it works with the shelter dogs, maybe it will work for these dogs, too. Within a few minutes every single dog quieted & became calmer. Some of the staff even remarked that the music was having a calming effect on them, too. We’re so excited about it, that we’re going to do an article on it in our local newspaper.” ~Neena – Collierville Animal Services, Collierville, TN

“I want you to be the first to know….the Edison Animal Shelter music system is up and running thanks to your donation of the mp3player, timer, and especially the music/sounds. It is playing throughout the entire shelter.
I walked in the large dog room and ‘got goosebumps” when I heard it playing……it is wonderful. We are next to a skate park and a high usage railroad main line……so this will have a huge impact on lowering the impact of the outside noises. With the music, our aroma therapy, and plenty of exercise we plan to have many calm animals to adopt out…..may be karma since we adopted out 3 dogs today….a small pit bull who had been with us for 11 months, an abandoned rottweiler, and a little mixed terrier who came in as a stray. See how the music is helping already! We are so very grateful to you…..many, many, thanks.” ~Geoff – Edison Animal Shelter, Edison, NJ

“Before I left the shelter today I had the pleasure of listening to the beautiful calming music throughout the shelter – it was amazing. The music created a whole new experience and vibe, one that will surely benefit all the animals (and volunteers!) by reducing stress levels. The sound quality is extraordinary. “ ~Joan – Edison Animal Shelter, Edison, NJ

“We just wanted to tell you what a fantastic idea this was.  We absolutely LOVE it!!  Our shelter has several different wings and rooms and we put the one you gave us in our “sick” room.   I 100% believe it is helping!  Our cats are getting over Upper respiratory quickly and we are just thrilled with it! We would love to put a few more in other areas of the shelter!!!” ~Ashley – Daviess County Animal Control, Owensboro, KY

“Thank you so much for the MP3 player!  The dogs are just loving it!  So much so, that I have just ordered a second one from you via paypal.” ~Deidre – Bella Vista Animal Shelter, Bella Vista, AR

Yes it has definitely made a difference!! The noise level is definitely down and they seem much calmer. The other morning it didn’t get turned on and the dogs were so noisy…until Rhonda noticed the Rescue MP3 was off, within seconds of turning it on they were quieting down!!! We all love it!” ~Louisa County Animal Shelter, Mineral, VA 23117

” This is Thomas, I am one of the Animal Care Technicians at the West Valley Animal Care Center here in Chatsworth, California. I am the one who reached out to you and your organization to request the MP3 Player, so we can spearhead a movement in the Animal Shelters for the City of Los Angeles. The MP3 player arrived in mid June. To be completely honest, there were mixed reviews from the staff. Both positive and supportive, as well as negative and resistant. I would say it took approximately three weeks for the player to be on during the times I had set it for (starting at 7:30am and shutting off at 5:45pm). During that initial period, I would come into work and find that the player had been unplugged. It seemed that some staff were resisting the change in music, especially since our speakers produce a lot of sound. So after tinkering with the volume controls I would definitely say that it is a success. Dr. Feldman is the veterinarian that is staffed at our facility; and he was very pleased with your program as well as the article I forwarded to him. He even made mention of what we’ve started here to our General Manager, Brenda Barnette. I gave instructions to our IT Department on how the MP3 player is set up into our PA system; and how to obtain players for the rest of our City Shelters. I have yet to hear whether or not they have proceeded to install them at the other locations. I just wanted to take the time to write you and thank you for all your help and your amazing project/ organization.” ~ Thomas – West Valley Animal Care, Chatsworth, CA

“I am so happy – I adopted out a dog we had for a YEAR today, our beloved Rosie, the Rottweiler female whose separation anxiety was alleviated by the beautiful soothing music. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your generosity.”
~ Shirley – Brooklyn Animal Shelter Ohio

“We absolutely love the music you provided for our shelter.  The 53% less barking is an understatement.  Our shelter went from very noisy to totally quiet.  It is unbelievable the difference.  The only dog that did not like your music was a Beagle and today is the day for a happy dance for he was just released to rescue.  A lady came in from Louisiana and actually asked where we keep the dogs.  I advised her the kennels were just on the other side of the lobby wall.  She was amazed how quiet it was.  She read about the music on the kennel door and looked into the kennels at very relaxed dogs laying on their Kuranda Beds.  She was amazed, wrote your information down to give to her local shelter in Louisiana.  I can never thank you enough for what you have done for the animals at our shelter, other shelters and also for the employees.” ~Sandy – Crowley Animal Shelter, Crowley, TX

“Our MP3 has arrived and is installed!! Thank you thank you thank you! I am so excited … already, in half an hour, we have seen some magic happen! Fantastic!! The lions are particularly interested in the music and will gather near the area where the MP3 is installed and lay peacefully on their platforms. Most certainly the Primates are more engaged and will actively listen to the music. I think that spreading the word amongst other wild captive animal facilities would be hugely beneficial. Amazing project. Our congratulations A huge thank you! xxx…” ~Roxy – Wild is Life Trust, Harare, Zimbabwe Africa

“This is a great product and works as described! It really had a visible effect on the animals and I think every shelter and dog boarding facility should have one! It works just like the video! The dogs stopped barking when we put it on. It was amazing! Thank you so much for this opportunity to help our animals. ~Nancy – Menominee Animal Shelter, Menominee, MI

“You are truly an angel! Thank you so so much! Not only does it calm the puppies but we get to keep calm too!” ~Candie – MCSPCA Freehold Homeward Bound Adoption Center, Eatontown, NJ 07731

“I can’t believe the difference in the animals without “their music”. Some of thes poor dogs and cats have never heard any music or anything nice and calm. It is wonderful to see the difference.” ~Joanne – Mesquite Animal Shelter, Mesquite, NV

“Thank you so much everything is hooked up in Duplin Shelter and what a great result!! It is amazing how calming this is proving to be. Thank u from all of us.” ~Maureen – Duplin County Animal Services, Kenansville, NC

“After this shipment, we will only need two more players to finish outfitting the entire shelter (8 rooms)!  We’ve had tons of positive feedback from volunteers and the public, too. Our vet says that she definitely notices a difference since the players have been in the adoption rooms.”   ~ Susan – Friends of Hall County Animal Shelter, Gainesville, GA 

“We are loving the MP3 Player and the music!!!!!  Cannot thank you enough!  We need to tweak the timer a bit but I truly think I can tell a difference. Thanks so, so much!”  ~Rea – Humane Society of Elmore County, Wetumpka, AL

“I just wanted to send you a huge THANK YOU!! Our shelter took advantage of your program to have an MP3 player installed with the music for pets, and it has been wonderful. We have speakers in both sides of our dog kennels and also in our cat rooms, and we have noticed such a difference. Where animals were once stressed out and dogs barking constantly, it is quiet and soothing. The animals all seem so much happier and so many people have commented on it while visiting our shelter. We all feel this really made a difference in the time the pets stay with us. We are so happy and thrilled with it and consider this a huge success – we can’t thank you enough!!” ~Lesley – East Haven Animal Shelter, East Haven, CT

“Good Morning.  I wanted to thank you on behalf of the Animal Welfare Society for the wondrous effect it is having on the animals at our shelter.  We have seen an increase in dog adoptions and I believe it is partly due to the calming effect the music has on them.” ~Monica- Animal Welfare Animal Welfare Society of Cape May County, NJ

“Exciting day for our big dog room – we are now listening to a great selection of music from Rescue Animal Mp3 Project. It has only been part of a day and we already notice a difference in the dogs! — THANKS!!!”~ Joliet Township Animal Control, Joliet, IL

“They are not as noisy (cat facility). We see less fighting. We enjoy the music.” ~ Darlene – Greenbelt Humane Society, Alden, IA

“Yes, the animals are much more relaxed, not so gittery with disturbances with fireworks, sirens, people coming after hours. Dogs are much quieter and slower to start barking. We have much less kennel aggression, behavioral outbursts, etc. Less bloody stool and slightly less kennel cough. Many are seeking humans much more and are more manageable. RescueAnimalMP3 has changed the shelter life of many of our animals! They are more calm, secure and healthy with their evening lullabyes.” ~ Barbara – Safe Animal Shelter,  Middleburg, FL

“Now the remarkable thing….and maybe its in my head, but there was a lot of bark noise this morning, particularly from one particular kennel area (indoor).  After the music was playing – I have not heard the incessant barking (yes, of course still occasional barks) that was occurring all morning! Thank you for helping keep our shelter calm and relaxed!! ~ Kurt  Hello wonderful Rescue Animal Mp3, Absolutely blessed with our music for our animals. Today marked our first day and we already can see a difference! WE love it! The City of El Paso Animal Services says, “thank you, thank you, thank you!” ~ Janice – City of El Paso Animal Services, El Paso, Texas 79906

“I think the music is great and very soothing. I think the MP3 idea is awesome for the dog kennels. I love it after tour hours when the dogs are all sacked out in the kennels and the music is playing softly. Even I find it very relaxing!“ ~ Nanci, Jersey Shore Animal Center, Brick, NJ

“Hi, we have received this very generous gift and it is now soothing both people and dogs in our rescue. We are thrilled with the selection of music!! The dogs used to bark like mad during feeding time and now they are calm and quiet while waiting to be fed. It’s nothing short of a small miracle!”~ Kathryn – Rocky Mountain Cocker Rescue, Parker, CO

Thank you so very much for helping us help the dogs through this transition in their lives.

“We were having a hard time with the speakers we were using because they were cheap and battery operated. The batteries were dying every day and the music wasn’t playing at proper times. I contacted Rescue Animal MP3 Project to find out what speakers were recommended and one was donated to us! It has helped out so much. The music plays when it is supposed to now and I never worry about the batteries dying. We have noticed great improvement. We have a couple dogs that have been very anxious and showing fear aggression. The music has calmed these dogs to the point that we can actually handle them now and they are much calmer and quieter. I notice that when the music turns on in the morning, the dogs all get quieter. Many of them cock their heads to the side as the music starts playing so I know they are listening! Many of the dogs are very restless in the kennels. They spend a lot of time with nothing much to do so they get anxious. When the music starts playing, many seem calmer and often lay down quietly on their beds. It must be so difficult for a dog to come from a loving home into a shelter environment. For those dogs, I’m sure the sadness can be unbearable at times, but I feel this music sooths the soul and calms the fears. For other dogs, the shelter might be the nicest place they have ever lived, but it doesn’t change the fact that shelters are stressful places to live and it’s wonderful that something as simple as music can make life a little better. Love the music and the calming effect. We are so happy to be a part of the Rescue Animal MP3 Project. From the moment the music first started playing, we saw a noticeable change in many of the dogs. Some who were usually restless and anxious, calmed down and seemed more relaxed. They often lay on their beds quietly instead of fence fighting or barking. A few special dogs who came in with fear aggression have especially benefited from the music. They are now happy, calm dogs that we can actually handle with ease. The music calmed their fears and helped them get through the tough transition of entering into a shelter environment. I feel that the music has been a huge blessing to the dogs in our shelter and we will continue to use this music for life. Thank you so much for what you are doing! What an amazing project to help so many amazing animals. We truly appreciate you.” ~ Daylen, Rogers Animal Services, Rogers, AR

“We received our MP3 player today.  I just finished installing it and I can’t believe the initial reaction.  As soon as the music came on all the dogs became quiet and tilted their heads to listen. Thank you so much for promoting such a wonderful product to help the animals in our care.  I look forward to receiving the evaluation and again thank you for all that you do.” ~Katelyn – Holmes County Animal Control, Millersburg, OH

“Most dogs seem to quiet sooner. This has been a fantastic addition to the other things we already had in place for the dogs (DAP spray, occasional dog massage, extended exercise)” ~Linda – Hood River Adopt A Dog, Hood River, OR

Unbelievable change in behavior. The dogs are so extremely quiet. 95 % decrease in barking. We have had a few that just are not into music but other than that it has been an unbelievable change in behavior. We have had people come in and ask where we keep the dogs? When we tell them they are on the other side of the lobby wall they are amazed. We peak through the door so they can see them laying on their Kuranda beds and relaxing listening to their music. The donation of music to our shelter has been such a great asset. It is amazing how much difference this has made in the happiness of our animals. Prior to getting the music in the shelter there were dogs continuously barking. Now if someone goes in they will bark. It is so nice when people ask where we keep the dogs? They are just on the other side of the wall to the lobby. People are amazed how relaxed they are. The music is so relaxing.” ~Sandy – City of Crowley Animal Control, Crowley, TX

“Our dogs are less reactive and seem to relax most rapidly to some of the futuristic, new-age, “spa” like tracks on the MP3 player. The other tracks that seem to make them relax more quickly are those containing harp or piano. There is no one magic bullet for noise abatement in a shelter. By adding musical enrichment we have been able to reduce the amount of barking significantly. This in turn has led to fewer stereotypical behaviors (spinning, drooling, etc). I am very grateful for the service that Rescue Animal MP3 project has provided.” ~ Sarah – St. Louis City Animal Care and Control, St. Louis, Missouri

“The dogs seem calmer for the most part only barking when potential adopters come in. During the morning shift it is so helpful to have the music. There is a lot going on and it is very hectic, the music brings an element of quiet. We are so pleased with the results we have experienced.”~ Nancy – Furever Friends Rescue, Gilbert, AZ

Seems to be calming to a few dogs that are not adjusting to kennel life. Volunteers notice a change in some of the pets at the shelter,music is a calming affect for them as well as the shelter pets. I have worked and volunteered at many shelters and I have seen a lot of improvement with the music.I would like to have another one for our cat rooms and our small dogs quarantine rooms,Im sure it would help calm them as they go thru out entry process.Thank you for all you do and the idea is just wonderful.Thank you.” ~Linda – Homeward Bound Pet Shelter, Decatur, IL

“TheDogs seem to like the music, at certain peak times, the dogs bark no matter what. But they seem to quiet down more quickly when the music is playing. The music seems to help them stay calm throughout the day … and also prevents surrounding noises from disturbing them. Our dogs love the music! Thank you Rescue Animal MP3 for creating such a wonderful product for rescue pets! Thank you so much for your generous donation to our organization. Our dogs really love the music and you can tell they are listening! Thank you for helping rescue pets and pets in need! “ ~Denise – Puppy Pimps Animal Rescue, Fort Lauderdale, FL

“I feel the music add a huge benefit to the dogs at the shelter and all the animals here. Potential adopters love it and comment how calm the animals are.” ~Melissa – Bucks County SPCA, Lahaska, PA

“The animals have seemed calmer and more relaxed- especially the dogs. Overall they have been quieter with us. They still get excited when potential adopters come in or anyone else they don’t recognize.”  ~Laurie – Town of Oyster Bay Animal Shelter, Syosset, NY

“The dogs seem calmer. We sing the songs even on our off days! We are very greatful to be included in this project. It has made the kennels more pleasant and quieter.” ~Magaret – Iroquois County Animal Rescue, Iroquois, IL

“I LOVE the music; I wanted to call soon after receiving the music to say how wonderful it is !!!!!” The songs related to dogs (Let’s go take a walk) and to children are my favorites. I don’t think I have heard any music pertaining to cats but most are totally upbeat and happy or calming and give me at least a total sense of well-being. . .”~ Joan – Stillwater Cat Haven, Anderson, CA

“Dogs are calmer and less anxious,when their new. we specifically wanted the music for Dusty, a very nervous dog who barked non-stop & was Very stressed from the moment he arrived, it did calm him & me ( I’m pretty stressed myself especially knowing how scared he was all the time), he also got adopted ( after 8 mos). We think it’s a great project!” ~ Robin – Gallatin county Animal Shelter, Sparta, Ky

“Dogs bark less, I believe that what we have is working fine. great program” ~ CiJi – Rockdale County Animal Care and Control, Conyers, GA

“We believe the animals are calmer when playing soothing music. Our shelter thinks it was wonderful to offer us the chance to have an MP3 player and have continuous music play throughout the day. It really does make a difference. Not only in the animals but our staff, volunteers, and the public.” ~ Penny – Paws Along the River Humane Society, Warren, PA

“I noticed a big change in our timid animals being more relaxed. Dogs seem quieter and more eager to listen and be more focused.” ~Joyce – Red Desert Humane Society, Rock Springs, WY

“Noticed the younger (puppies) ones are calmer.” ~ Susie – Southeast Volusia Humane Society, New Smyrna, FL

“Some of the volunteers really enjoy the music. They find it more relaxing.” ~Sheryl –  Second Chance Animal Shelter, East Brookfield, MA

“The dogs are calmer with the music, and settle down quickly after it is turned on. Staff and volunteers love the music and often sing along.” ~Ed – Yavapai Humane Society, Prescott, AZ

“90%.less barking, especially from mid-morning throughout the rest of the day.” ~Lauri – Regional Animal Shelter, King William, VA

“Not only does it calm the dogs, but I am more relaxed when cleaning kennel. Thank You! Less stress, less kennel cough. Yeah!” ~Mary – Cheboygan County Humane Society, Cheboygan, MI

“Dogs are generally very calm. Cat’s love it (having the dogs calm!) It is really an amazing thing. The dogs hardly ever bark now. Realizing that the dogs change as they are adopted and we get new ones to work with, but even so, it is a very peacfeul setting now. Even the people are more relaxed. Seems like they are all generally happy to see a volunteer and get attention! We think it is wonderful! This music has had such a wonderful impact on our shelter overall. Animals love it, people love it! Thank you so much! Everyone that comes in just loves the music!  Thanks to all the musicians as well!” ~Sarah – Hot Springs Village Animal Welfare League, Hot Springs Village, AR

“Yes, the dogs are calmer during the day and appear to enjoy the music. We are very happy with this project. In the last three months we have had no illness 100%. Staff  Volunteers, they love it! Our dogs have been calmed considerably and our adopters and volunteers love that we cared enough about the animals to install the speakers and put the Rescue Animal MP3 Project into place.” ~ Lori – Carolina Animal Rescue and Adoption, Sanford, NC

“I can’t tell you how much the dogs in our facility at the Animal Welfare Society in Maine are loving the Mp3 player that we received. Staff and volunteers have commented on the nice/calming music and I have been blown away by it. We have used CD’s in the past but they always skip or the music seems jarring instead of calming and the Mp3 player is just perfect. We have it playing in our available dog section but we also have two other dog sections. We would love to set up another Mp3 player in a second section where we keep dogs that are not available to the public yet. Would it be possible to have a second Mp3 player? If not that is fine, we appreciate the one we do have whole heartedly. Thank you so much for making the Mp3 players and donating them to shelters; they really do help the dogs.”~ Melissa –  Animal Welfare Society, West Kennebunk, Maine

“Amazing. The minute I turned it on the noise level went down. There are less behavior problems and the workers have even said they feel calmer. One day the dogs were really acting up and we realized someone had turned the music off. When it was turned on the whole noise level and mood changed. Less behavior problems and fights. I clean on Friday and Sat. AM and it has really made a huge difference for me. I love having the music on. It is very soothing. I think they are doing great! It has been very easy to use. Thank you so much!! If you ever need anyone to talk to people about it I would love too. I am a firm believer!” ~ Lisa  – Partners For Pets, St. Jacob, IL

“The animals seem more relaxed and not as scared. Per kennel staff the music relaxes the working conditions. The atmosphere seems more relaxed.” ~Chasidy – City of Hot Springs Animal Services, Hot Springs, AR

“Dog volunteers have said they notice the dogs are calmer when the music is on.” ~Jane – Lincoln County Humane Society, St. Catharines, Ontario

“Generally calmer animals, slower to reach an arousal threshold and faster to calm after becoming agitated. I would say 50-60% more relaxed with the music playing. The music seems to keep them more stimulated (in a calm way) and more connected to the environment, so I believe it decreases depression. The Rescue Animal mp3 Project has been such an incredible gift for us. The whole process was so easy and so pleasant, and to be given so much – music, mp3 player, timer, cords – all at no cost is more than I had dared to hope for. The atmosphere at our shelter changed almost instantly, and the music has made an otherwise stressful stay much more manageable for our dog and cat residents, and even helps keep our caretakers in a calmer frame of mind. Thank you SO much, Dr. Pam!” ~ Jennifer – Animal Care & Controls of NYC, New York, NY

“When I first discovered RAMp3, it was through an email I had received with a video clip of the music in action. The dogs were completely calm and quiet. As a nonprofit, free is always a magic word, so I figured it couldn’t hurt to try! I can testify that we see the same resultsday after day. We set up our music to play after morning feeding and cleaning and the dogs settle in and are quet (for the most part) when our first customers of the day arrive. Thank you RAMp3!” ~ Marit – Tri-County Humane Society, St. Cloud, MN

“Since we care for many special needs, elderly and infirmed animals it does help to keep them calm and recovery time is good.” ~ Nancy – Island Safe Harbor Animal Sanctuary, Port Clinton, OH

“We think it is wonderful the way it is! We have used CDs made for dog’s in the past. The dogs seemed to enjoy them, our problem was the CDs would quickly become too scratched to workany longer- the m3 player is outstanding thank you!” ~Jeannie – La Plata County Humane Society, Durango, CO

“Yes! Calmer, music helps everyone.” ~ John – Marin Humane Society, Novato, CA

“No illness since we installed the music. Cats are very calm and appear very cintent. We love it! We like the variety of the music and sounds on the player. We really like the music and feel it has made a big difference in the calming  the anxiety of some of our cats.” ~ Kim – Fearless Kitty Rescue, Fountain Hills, AZ

“It is a great project. We can’t thank you enough. We love the sound track. It has been most beneficial especially for our adult cats.” ~ Tracy – Ohio Alleycat Resource, Cincinnati, OH

“Seeing the animals calmer I calmer to the staff. It’s a really good project and it is great that it’s available to shelters at no cost. The music seems very helpful to keep the animals and staff more relaxed.” ~ Janice – Animal Rescue League of Western PA, Pittsburgh, PA

“Dogs are calmer, not as barky when someone comes in and seem more relaxed. Our cleaners say that it helps them to be more relaxed also so they are more patient with the dogs. They do seem calmer and happier. They do seem somewhat happier with tails wagging. Our dogs seem much calmer with the music playing, and are less barky when our volunteers come in to clean. They seem happier and less likely to start fights.” ~ Jeanine – Marshall County Humane Society, Holly Springs, MS

“The music really helps make the dogs more comfortable and home like. Thank you for including our animal shelter.” ~ Debbie – Washington County/Johnson City Animal Control, Johnson City, TN

“More playing! We really appreciate you putting this together and making it available at N/C.” ~ Norma – Paws and Purrs Humane Society, Aurora, IL

“Animal appear quieter. Calm Demeanor noted. Decreases incidence of stress-related behaviors noted. Staff enjoyed listening to music!” ~ Amy – Loudoun County Animal Services, Waterford, VA

“It seems to quiet the dogs down” ~Candie –  Cullman County Animal Shelter, Cullman, AL

“Yes, We play it in Puppy Plaza and the results are amazing. After cleaning and eating in the morning, they all take naps and the music seems to sooth them.” ~ Michelle – Saving Grace Pet Adoption Center, Winchester, OR

“Yes lessened show of aggression. The music is great and we are using Adaptil to help also any other suggestions would be appreciated. Works well.” ~ Joy – Misfits, Mutts and Meows, Crescent, OK

“Animals are calmer,they relax quicker after people walking through facility. Since I work within earshot it is wonderful that they don’t bark as much as they did before the music. Shy animals are overcoming their fears much quicker. They lay around and play with their toys and nap even when they know people are here. They are gaining weight faster so they are less stressed. Less stress, a general calm situation. “ ~ Diane – Taylor Jones Humane Society, Abilene, TX

“The Ferrets  are more relaxed and focused.” ~ Melanee – Lane Area Ferret Lovers, Eugene, OR

“I can tell you  already in one day the music seems to make a tremendous difference for our animals recovering from their spay and neuter surgeries. We would like another unit for our cat recovery room!” ~ Kat – C-Snip, Kentwood, MI

“I think the cats are calmer. the people are calmer too. Its great, we really appreciate it. ~ Amelia – Berkeley Animal Care Services, Berkeley, CA

“We use the music in our isolation room where sick animals are recovering. The music helps provide stimulation in the room. The Rescue Animal MP3 Project has helped soothe our new animals when they come into our shelter!” ~ Rebecca – Mt. Pleasant Animal Control and Protection, Mt. Pleasant, TX

“An extended thank you…Having a few of your systems set up at our Eastside Animal Shelter is knowing that there are others out there who feel as I feel. My name is Alan Ramon. I have been a volunteer for the City Shelters for the past one plus years. I install the music systems at the Animal Welfare Dept. kennels here in Albuquerque NM.
I used to take a day off during my week – when the shelters were closed to the public – and play guitar for dogs at the Eastside kennel. Using words developed just for the dogs and certain simple chord changes, It touched my heart to know that I could feel I was contributing to animal welfare by doing so. So that my heart would not break, I could look in to each and every one of those dog’s eyes and tell them they were loved. And I discover they are the teachers.
Lately, I have been installing CD players in the kennels so that they could hear gentle spirit uplifting music. If I could get paid going around the country doing installations, I would. Installing the Mp3 systems you have provided adds an extra delight as I know that the dogs (and soon, cats) are getting consistent music-medicine attention. They do so need it. Some of the feedback – from the humans – borders on the esoteric, but there is sound science behind the remarkable effects of music in our lives, dogs and humans. Since I have been a musician my self, I am fascinated about the effects on the animals and have some insights of my own.. ie – the phenomenon of entrainment… the raising of collective awareness and.. anyways :^)
I’m also fortunate to have supportive staff and other volunteers along side me. A volunteer recently gave me an article out of the magazine, “Bark”, which featured an interview with you.. I just finished reading it.
Our cats and dogs are appreciating the loving sounds. Thank you again for your help and all you do for the animals. To the Spirit of the Animals“~ Alan – Albuquerque Animal Welfare Volunteer, Albuquerque, NM

“Yes, calmer, they nap during the day. We have heard positive remarks about how calm our animals have been. Our animals seem to be eating in a more routine fashion, which we are amazed at. They are staying cleaner and overall healthier. The music has allowed them to have more of a home environment where there is noise (like music) playing. The staff has enjoyed the music when they are cleaning the facility. We are very happy. We will eventually be purchasing another MP3 for our cat area.” ~ Patricia – Ponca City Humane Society, Ponca City, OK

“The animals seem to be a lot quieter at night. The music seems to help calm down our animals. I think it’s a great project. The animals here at our shelter love having music at night. It has seemed to calm them down.” ~ Debbie – Humane Society of Pagosa Springs, Pagosa Springs, CO

“Even when they get excited about a visitor or dinner time, they quiet down faster when the music is playing. We love the way this soothing music calms our dogs. The quieter atmosphere is better to work in and certainly better for clients to visit. We feel good about being able to do at least one thing above and beyond the minimum standards of care without it taxing our limited means. THANK YOU!” ~ Amber – Franklin County Humane Society– Animal Harbor, Winchester, TN

“The dogs are not as noisy and seem much less stressed. Works great. Thank you.” ~ Darlene – Newberg Animal Shelter, Newberg, OR

“Everyone seems to be more likely to sleep quietly through the night.” ~ Cathy – Spilled Milk Cat Sanctuary, Amelia, OH

“Definitely calms the animals (and the humans 🙂 The music is played for the free-roaming animals which is mostly cats and well-mannered dogs. The music seems to help keep the energy level of the free-roaming animals calm and relaxed. 🙂 I personally enjoy the music, other volunteers had a harder time getting used to the “children’s'” songs, but are now appreciating the relaxing affects it has on the animals. I’m hoping those volunteers will learn to relax some more too 😉 Thank You for doing this! Two of the rescues I’m involved with are playing your music and in each case the music has had a nice calming effect on the animals and the humans 🙂 This music works great on cats too!” ~ Laura – Four Peaks Animal Rescue, Fountain Hills, AZ

“Prior to MP3 the dogs were fairly quiet while staff was present as they were familiar with those people. Now there seems to be less barking during public hours. ~Scott – Bedford County Animal Shelter, Bedford, VA

“I have seen a major improvement in even the most difficult dogs. They are more calm and relaxed. Our problem Mastiffs are more attentive to my commands. The less stress is leading to overall better health. I’ve incorporated this “idea” with my own health, and it is working wonders. I’ve studied up on the different types of brain waves, and the effects of music. I am now keeping a constant peaceful melody playing in all of my environments. I have discontinued use of mainstream music. I am healthier, happier, more focused, more productive, and saving more lives because it has helped me become even more organized. I cannot thank you enough for the PAWSITIVE work that you do!” ~Shayna – PAWSITIVE No-Kill Shelter & Adoption Center, Bath Springs, TN

“You guys are an amazing organization! Thank you!” ~Arielle –  Humane Society of Atlantic County, Atlantic City, NJ

“When first turned on, within one half hour one dog laid down and was quiet. Dogs and cats seem calmer and more “relaxed”. The dogs bark less and the cats do appear more comfortable (they are confined to their cages most of the time. Of course the dogs get noisy when staff/visitors come through kennels but once there is no one around they quit barking. They most definitely seem more relaxed and less sad. I can’t thank you enough for what you have done for the animals by providing this music for them.” ~ Joanne – Mesquite Animal Shelter, Mesquite, NV

“When the music is playing the animals seem calmer and less jumpy. I really was amazed to see the dogs reaction to the music. You could see them really listening to it.” ~ Pamela – Polk County Sheriff’s Office Animal Control, Winter Haven, FL

“Dogs settle easier after reactivity. We have noticed that there is hyperactivity when one dog leaves or comes into the room. They seem to settle much quicker that before. During music/sounds, dogs are more relaxed and sleep more 🙂 There has been a noticeable change in the dogs’ behaviors. They settle quicker after an outburst. They are also much calmer and sleep soundly during the day. We do work in obedience with our dogs also making them calmer and more obedient!!” ~Pat – Responsible Pet Care Shelter & Adoption, Norway, ME

We don’t see as much anxiety issues. It has seemed to calm some of the barking down.”~ Carmon – Grant County Animal Outreach, Moses Lake, WA

“Significant reduction in kennel messes. Everything has been exceptional from the generosity of the donated equipment to the outstanding results. I would like to share with you the comments from our Kennel Supervisor, Sue King. These remarks are not just from her but also input and responses from kennel, road, and office staff. “The animals have responded extremely well. There is far less dog aggression/agitation. This is definitely observable when the music comes on, the dogs calm down. Regarding cats and kittens, especially those with less socialization skills, the mess made in their cages is significantly less than prior to the music. Before the music, many felines would run, jump and sling cat litter and water. The reduction in mess saves about two hours time in work/clean up–TWO HOURS. We also have more ‘gold’ status felines than ever before (adoptable gold being the status given to animals that are the most friendly, outgoing, and no signs of aggression that we feel would be most suitable/easiest to being brought into a family). To whomever was so kind to arrange this wonderful project and the donation of equipment…a very BIG THANK YOU!!! Thank you so much for all of your help and support.  We love the Project!” ~Erin – Gaston County Police Department – Animal Control Division, Dallas, NC

“There’s a noticeable calmness among all the dogs when the music plays. Especially with the puppies, when the music plays they don’t whimper at all.” ~Claire – East Alabama Humane Society, Phenix City, AL

“Fostered cats are less anxious and nervous now. Cats are no longer hiding and are more receptive to human contact. Even those that were semi-feral are adapting better to human presence. It has had a relaxing effect on the cats. They are less stressed and there is much less aggressive interaction. Newly fostered cats seem calmer.” ~Gayle – Kitty Retirement Village, Ladson, SC

“Dogs that are kennels together seem to get along better. Our shelter has had comments in regards to the music. They are complimenting on the wonderfulness of the music. Every one goes out and plays in the yard them come in a lay down and are quiet. Thanks its great just keep doing the great work. ~Crystal – Escalon Animal Shelter, Escalon, CA

“Great concept and the playlist is very calming and soothing, “ ~Debra – Kingston Animal Shelter, Kingston, MA

“There is a general calmness for people and dogs/cats.” Stephanie – Camelot Puppy Sanctuary, McArthur, OH

“They do seem to enjoy the music 🙂 We’re enjoying the music in our cat community rooms. I just visited the room with our senior cats and was greeted by a a purring Panda, a shy 13yr old snowshoe siamese mix, who quickly jumped into my lap. He had not done this before. He seems very relaxed.” Bonne – MEOW Cat Rescue & Adoption, Kirkland, WA

“Quiet. Anxieties at feeding time but quiet for the most part at other times. Everyone enjoys it. Very enjoyable for dogs and people. Every shelter should have.Thank you!” ~Dale – Russell Refuge, Rhinebeck, NY

“Fewer ulcers seem to be happening in the new ferret arrivals. thank you” ~Nanette – Fox Valley Ferret Shelter, Hortonville, WI

“There is absolutely! Just a whole different kind of calmness in the cats. I really do believe they enjoy it. I have witnessed feral cats in recovery purring in their traps while laying stretched out quite relaxed. Very happy and well adjusted. I absolutely LOVE the music, it is not only calming to the animals but also to myself and visitors. I believe they look forward to having it on during the day. I especially love to see the effect it has on the feral cats recovering from surgery. Amazing! ~Jill – Cripple Creek Ferals and Friends, Hartville, OH

“It works great. we have enjoyed the added music to our shelter. thank you so much for offering this program to us and to other shelters as well it is a great improvement to any music listening facility.” ~Connie – Eaton County Humane Society, Charlotte, MI

“We have one case where a very noisy hound stopped baying when we played the music. Staff actually prefers it to the radio! This is a really great program!” ~Tracy – City of Chico Animal Control, Chico, CA

“Of course stress increases any time a new cat comes in but I do think there has been a noticeable positive effect on the cats in our care. I think it’s a great program and will certainly pass your organization’s name along to others.” ~Lacy – Chesapeake Humane Society, Chesapeake, VA

“Pig Pals of NC is pleasantly surprised that the music calms the miniature pigs in our care. The pigs seems to enjoy spending more hours relaxing in their stalls than laying outside. Thanks for giving us the opportunity to share this with the miniature pigs!” ~Penny – Pig Pals of NC, Siler City, NC

“The animals seem quieter almost as though they are listening! We love it and so do the staff members! Thank you!! The staff loves it and so do those touring the shelter; they ask who is playing? The addition of music calmed not only the animals but the staff, the visitors and our volunteers!” ~Anne – Humane Society of Granville County, Oxford, NC

“I feel the program has helped the animals, and I will continue to use it. “ ~Deputy Tony – Beaver County Animal ControlFacility, Beaver, UT

“Majority of the animals are definitely more relaxed. The illness cases has dropped significantly, plus, the illness that we have seen seems to run its course much faster and the animals respond to medications and get well quicker. We all have noticed a difference with the music. We can be having a terrible day and come in and almost immediately start to relax. The animals sense this as well. thank you. This has been a great opportunity. We love it just the way it is.” ~Beverly – Wags to Whiskers, Tuttle, OK

“They seem to be a lot calmer and at ease.” ~Tabatha – Humane Society Pet Rescue, Gadsden, AL

“Yes. I notice the dogs calm down faster when the music is playing. A lot of our volunteers have spoke to me about this and how they notice a change in the dogs with this playing. They settle down quicker. We did not have as many illnesses as usual through the summer. love it! Got so many compliments from our staff Love this product. We have really noticed a difference with the animals and even the staff Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!” ~Andre – Volunteers for Animals, Batavia, NY

“Yes! 50% decrease in barking with music playing.” ~ Barb – SPCA Serving Erie County, Tonawanda, NY

“We love it and I hear from everyone that does kennel duty, how much even they love the music and can’t say enough good things about it. We alternate rooms and from the room that has the MP3 playing it is like night and day it is the only calming effect our animals have. We also have a program we are using to teach kids how to train dogs in our city, it is called H.E.A.L. foundation and we take the least adoptable dogs to this program and use them, even they have changed since the MP3 music came into the shelter. What an incredible help this has been. I think it is incredible I have listened to all the songs many times and the variety is great for dogs and humans.” ~ Brad – South Bend Animal Care and Control, South Bend, IN

“The animals seem to be less stressed when the music is on. Keep up the good work.” ~Stan – Heartland Humane Society, Ottumwa, IA

“They seem to quiet down faster when customers come walk through their kennels” ~Paula – Hancock County Humane Society, Findlay, OH

“I have seen rooms where the overall noise level has gone down. All our volunteers feel that it is great we have the music for the animals. The automated setup with the timer requires no staff intervention which definitely has its benefits ! I love the mix as well. Thank you for all you do!” ~Deb – Thomas J. O’Connor Animal Control, Springfield, MA

“It is definitely noticeably quieter in the kennel area. When going from the room in which the music played to the room in which it is not played, there is a big difference. Staff have commented on the improvement. If the music is not turned up, the adoption floor is much noisier. More dogs are lying down or sitting in their kennels, rather than standing or moving around. It seems that fewer dogs are jumping on the doors of their kennels when people pass by. It seems that fewer dogs are developing symptoms of kennel stress. We use the music as part of a kennel enrichment program, and having the MP3 player has inspired us to reinvigorate our overall enrichment plan. The Rescue Animal MP3 Project is wonderful! Our shelter has benefited greatly from the music. This is a valuable resource for shelters and rescues. We have seen less kennel stress and more calm and quiet since the music began.” ~Lisa – Cleveland Animal Protective League, Cleveland, OH

“Got my speakers, got the unit all set up, turned it on, and after a few minutes of the music playing, one of our rescue kitties hopped up on the table, started rubbing against the speakers, curled up by them and drifted off into a peaceful sleep!  Here at Stray Central, I’ll say it’s “Kitty tested and kitty approved!”  Thanks a million!!!” ~Lisa – Stray Central, Springdale, AK

“We love our MP3player! We are happy to have received our Rescue Animal MP3 player. Our animals have become more accustomed to the calming nature of the music being played in our facility. The depression has subsided, staff is happier, there is less tendency of animals to show the bad behaviors; such as chewing up bedding, demolishing toys, and acting out towards other pets or new people. When the music is a little louder, there seems to be much less barking. They appear to like hearing the more soft music versus each other bark. More of our animals, especially the dogs, seem to be more at ease. They don’t seem to pace their kennels as much or do their circles spinning. More actually are laid down, or acclimated to sitting in their kennels and being noticed versus the high energy levels having been exerted previously to obtain attention from staff, volunteers, or prospective adoptive families. We have actually seen an increase in the amount of food consumed. There appears to be more eating in a regular pattern than one day eat a ton, the next eat nothing, the third eat very finicky. Consistency in the feeding times to the food being fully consumed has become more regular. More of our pets seem to have a more positive approach to meeting new people. There seems to be less bad activity such as chewing bedding, demolishing toys, lunging at the front of the kennel. The staff likes to have the music available to use when things appear to be getting more and more chaos. It is always nice to have more ideas to assist with the calming of our pets in the facility.” ~Sherrie – The Marshmallow Foundation, Detroit Lakes, MN

“The Rescue Animal MP3 Project is a wonderful program. I can’t say enough good about it. Anything we can do to help relieve the stress and anxiety for these animals waiting for their forever homes is is so vital. This is an amazing way to help do that. Every shelter and rescue should have this system. Thank you so much for sending this to our little shelter. We are so thankful for it and appreciate it beyond words.” ~Susan – Delta Animal Shelter, Escanaba, MI

“When the music is playing every one seems quieter and generally more relaxed. Cats that come in more stressed and not wanting to eat seem to adjust faster and begin eating better. Everything seems to be working well. It’s a great program.” ~ Katherine – Paws Humane Society, Rockford, IL

“I wanted to let you know we received the MP3 Player this week, thank you so very much, it’s been awesome, very very soothing to the dogs and I can let it play all day, brings calmness to the dogs. Thank you so much I appreciate this a lot.”~ Deb – Imminent Danger German Shepherd Rescue, Greeneville, TN

“There is a more relaxed feel in the main room as well as in the FeLV room (which you can hear the music in, just a little less loudly. While we work with cats that are FIV+ and FeLV+ they are virtually all in good health currently. We have noticed that we are not having any new issues, and that one of the kitties who has an ongoing, unrelated illness rests comfortably and sleeps well. His heatlh slowly improves.  We think the overall “mood” of the sanctuary is calmer and more contented. There is very little “hissy fitting”, even with the introduction of 5 12 week old kittens to the mix! Our Reiki practitioner (who introduced us to your program) says she definitely feels a higher level of contentment and ease when she comes in to work with the kitties. We do talk to adopters about things, such as your music that help make their transition to a new home easier, things to calm the household, etc. We’re doing great with it, we just love it!” ~  UN-Cats Feline Rescue,  Lake Ann, MI

“I visit the UN-Cats Feline Rescue Sanctuary weekly to offer Reiki healing to the kitties living there with FIV and FeLV. The music not only helps set a great mood for healing to occur in, but I believe that it also helps to continue to hold the healing energy in the space, keeps the cats relaxed and calm and allows for continued healing after our sessions are done. The music is a beautiful way to help keep these animals healthy, mind body and soul.” ~ Carolyn, SARA Reiki Practitioner,  UN-Cats Feline Rescue,  Lake Ann, MI

“We plan to install multiple speakers in all areas of our facility. You’ve been very generous and very patient, we would not have done it if you had not kept checking and calling and sending us the hardware. The music is playing in the main rooms first floor of a cageless cat shelter, so no dogs and not a lot of stress, but everyone enjoys the effect. This is a wonderful compilation of musical selections which will please every taste and calm the spirit or man and animal alike thank you!” ~  Laura – Heavenly Pet Sanctuary, Fairfield, IA

“Just wanted to thank you so much for the mp3 player!  The kitties are loving it!!!  The first day I put it on, when I went out later in the day, everyone was stretched out sound asleep!  They were so funny.  I definitely see a difference.” ~  Jill – Cripple Creek Ferals, Hartville, OH

“The dogs appear to be calmer in their kennels and are quiet unless someone comes through….and at times if one person goes through slowly they are much less reactive. They lay to the front of the kennels or on the beds….. It has made a huge difference in the shelter environment in a short time (3 months). Thank you for allowing us to be part of this project. We will most certainly share our experiences with other shelters, rescues, partners, adopters, and pet owners. We cannot thank you enough for sponsoring and facilitating this project. This has been wonderful….many, many, thanks to you as we’ll for all that you are doing to help make our guests stay more enriching.” ~Geoff – Edison Animal Shelter, Edison, NJ

“Just love this program. Our shelter animals showed a drastic improvement in their stress levels and barking was decreased to a minimum. Dr. Fisher, it is you who deserves the thanks ! Great project.. “~ Jane – La Porte County Small Animal Shelter, La Porte, IN

“YES!!!!!When we turn the player on all of the dogs quiet down and seem to really snuggle in for the night. We have a couple of non-stop barkers and we couldn’t believe the first night we plugged it in and the barkers calmed right down. I am so grateful for this MP3 player and the music. THANK You. Less chewing for certain. Rescue Animal MP3 Project is amazing! The very first night we turned on the music within just a couple of minutes all the animals snuggled in and relaxed. We call it the “aaahhhhhhh” effect. They are just so much more relaxed and sleep so soundly. The staff enjoys the peaceful music and the no barking time as well. Highly recommend the Rescue Animal MP3 Project to anyone! We have the flyer hanging in our entry way so all adopters will see it. We tell everyone about this. I will certainly refer every adopter to – TLU Rescue,  Bluffton, OH

“The amount of barking has drastically been reduced.  Overall the pets in our shelter have responded greatly in this area to the music especially the long term dogs and cats. Your service has greatly impacted our shelter and cannot express how thankful we all are.” ~Justin – Pima Animal Care Center, Tucson, AZ

“The dogs are not as agitated when we come in the morning to clean/feed. Thank you for offering this to our dogs!!!” ~Kim – Noah’s Ark Animal Welfare Association, Trinidad, CO

We have the MP3 music piped into all animal rooms at our animal shelter. The cats enjoy the music (especially the bird noises). We have found that the animals are less stressed and it creates a very relaxed atmosphere within the shelter. We love it.” ~ Kyle – Missaukee Humane Society, Lake City, MI

We’ve been so happy with the results of our MP3 music. Our dogs are calmer and our cats are more relaxed…even our staff has distressed! Thank you so much for providing this wonderful tool to make our animals happier!” ~Marnie – Washington County Humane Society, Slinger, WI

One of our dogs, a blind Doberman, that we keep in our office part-time actually looks forward to going back to his kennel at 1:00 pm. He calmly lies down and really appears to be listening and enjoying the music. Thank you so much for allowing us to participate in the Rescue Animal MP3 Project! Our dogs love the music and actually are visibly calmer and look forward to relaxing and listening in the afternoon.” ~Kathy – A Second Chance Animal Shelter, Manning, SC

“Thanks for the donation. The recorded music is so much nicer than what we were attempting before.” ~Elaine – Tombstone Small Animal Shelter, Tombstone, AZ

“Cottontails seem to be more relaxed in the rehab setting. raccoons are the opposite. Eastern cottontails are a prime prey species and can get stressed out very easily. We have had a hard time keeping their stress level down when the center is very busy and other animals can be noisy. This year, the cottontails seem to handle the busyness of the center better and have been staying more calm. the only difference is this year was the rescue animal mp3 project! Thank You!” ~Stephon – Sanders Wildlife Rehabilitation Center, Massillon, OH

“We find the shelter music program great and so relaxing! It creates a very peaceful environment for the cats, volunteers, staff and visitors. Thank you for the opportunity!” ~Chrissy – Contra Costa Humane Society, Pleasant Hill, CA

100% of the animals are so relaxed, less barking in dog room, cats not stressed. Absolutely love this – when there isn’t a lot of people in the room – especially when we are getting ready to close – the dogs will all be on their beds and many of them already asleep. Stress related diarrhea and vomiting has decreased. We absolutely love it – even more important, the animals do. Thank you so much for your work.” ~Helen – Toledo Animal Shelter Association, Toledo, OH

“This is a wonderful addition to our shelter. There is a visible improvement in the behavior of the dogs in the kennel area. In the afternoon, we will have long stretches of quiet time. During the time the music is on, there is an overall sense of peace in the shelter. Most of the dogs in the kennel area, are taking naps when the music is on. They are definitely more relaxed. The staff love the music, and are amazed at the effect our “quiet time” has had on the animals. We don’t have a lot of people asking about ways to calm their pets, but I will make sure to recommend you guys. I think the work you’re doing is so beneficial to the shelter animals.” ~ Robin – Paris Animal Welfare Society, Paris, KY

“Less howling and whining… Thank you for the soothing music for our shelter animals. It has helped to make them feel better while they wait for their new families.” ~Kim – The League City Animal Shelter, League City, TX

“The program is very successful and helps calm the dogs.” ~Colette – Upper Rio Grande Animal Society, Monte Vista, CO

“Yes, definitely We are very pleased  with the results! The music has a calming effect and the pets seem content. Doing wonderfully well. Thanks you so much. We will spread the word about Rescue Animal MP3 Project.” ~Joy – Spencer County Animal Shelter, Chrisney, IN

“Dogs bark less when the volunteer arrives, seem to be happier than before not as depressed or anxious. We want to thank Rescue Animal Mp3 Project for giving us the free players with the music. Since using the calming music provided to us from Rescue Animal Mp3 Project, the animals as well as the staff are calmer and more relaxed. We don’t have the anxiety and barking we had before. The dogs are less agitated and like to spend more time indoors than outdoors in their areas. The opposite used to be true. They are also more receptive to the perspective adoptive moms and dads. Due to very low funds, we would not have been able to afford this for the dogs. Thank you Rescue Animal Mp3 Project! Thank you so much for the players with the music. It is wonderful!” ~Sherry – Reedsport K9 Shelter, Reedsport, OR

“The electrician just completed our install yesterday and today is the first day we were able to play music for our animals. We are all so excited about this. Day 1 and the dogs seem so much calmer. Thank you all so much!!” ~New Hanover Sheriff’s Office Animal Services Unit, Wilmington, NC

“The dogs really are calmer. They act more like house pets now instead of strays. They will go lay down on their beds instead of barking at each other all the time. We think it takes less time for the animals to adjust to the shelter with the music on. We love it … and we have informed other shelters about the program. We are lucky to have found this program and we are very pleased with the results. Not only are the animals at the shelter happier but their calmer demeanor Helps more of the animals find their forever homes. Thank you for providing us with this program it really is wonderful.” ~Kathy – Coffeyville Friends of Animals, Coffeyville, KS

“We have had our Mp3 player installed for several weeks now.  EVERYONE loves it!  It has such a nice effect on the dogs (our room houses both dogs and cats, so the cats really appreciate the dogs being quieter).  People too.  Thank you so much for providing this to shelters like ours!  I’ll look forward to receiving the questionnaire and will get it back asap.” ~Sarah – Hot Springs Village Animal Welfare, Hot Springs Village, AR

“The chosen music is perfect for animals. We believe there are several factors that are important to helping keep animals calm and music plays an important role in this.” ~Melanie – Yucca valley animal Shelter, Yucca Valley, CA

“I just wanted to let you know how much we ALL love the music.  It is such a calming environment for not only our kitties-who visibly are very relaxed but also for the public as well as the staff.
It has created a very pleasant atmosphere inside the shelter in our kitty room.  One battle we always fight is the perception the public has of a “dreary, sad shelter”.  Many people come to us anxious that they will be sad.  The music has unexpectedly helped us help them feel more relaxed and realize the shelter is a wonderful place.
Also, another issue that was not realized before was the effect it has on the staff and volunteers.  This profession is one of high emotion, compassion fatigue and difficult situations.  I can truly say that the music has a calming effect on all. Thank you so much.” ~Susan – Delta Animal Shelter, Escanaba, MI

“The dogs used to bark all day at everything. now they bark when we get come in the morning. they bark just a little when customers come in to visit through out the day but most of the time they are very relaxed and quiet. By the end of the day after they have been feed and let out to use the bathroom all day. they will just lay on their beds / blankets resting instead of up running around in their kennels. Some of the volunteers enjoy their own music. for them they have to bring their own ear phones and music.” ~Jenny – Clarke County Animal Shelter, Berryville, VA

“The music has seemed particularly beneficial to the cats. I believe the newly arrived cats are settling in more quickly after intake. I am not sure but notice that there have been fewer cats in the isolation room. Everyone notices and loves that the music is especially created for the animals.” ~Suzanne – Animal Friends, Pittsburgh, PA

“Noticed an immediate difference in noise level of dogs in kennels. Continuous barking of high-energy dogs reduced drastically. Some of the more timid animals seen to be more outgoing now. This is a wonderful project and we appreciate the opportunity to be a part of it. Thank you!” ~Katherine – Southern Pines Animal Shelter, Hattiesburg, MS

“Thank you so much.  I received the music about 30 minutes ago and is now playing in the cat adoption area.  It will be moved to the dog kennel area tomorrow.  I know it is going to be soothing and relaxing for them because it is for me.  Making me yawn. Again thank you so much for your dedication to the animals.” ~Sandy – City of Crowley Animal Control, Crowley, TX

“There will always be a few dogs that have separate anxiety and have become habitual barkers that will not be soothed with music, Thundershirts or aromatic hormones. We find that they are quieted and are more relaxed plus sleep better at night with the music. They are not “geared up” during the day and are more likely to be adopted. They love to eat with the music. The animals love to have the music on constantly. If the music is off due to losing power, they fidget more and spin around in their cages. Everyone loves the music. I like to have it on a lower volume, but some of the workers like to have it up. We LOVE it!! Thank you for helping to improve the lives of our animals. They would thank you, if they could!! Their wagging tails and purrs are the only signs that we can go by. Well done!!” ~Tina – Cut Bank Animal Shelter, Cut Bank, MT

“The Rescue Animal MP3 Project is a wonderful program we are telling everyone about it. It really works!!!!” ~Mary – Wilson County Animal Control, Lebanon, TN

“We notice that they calm down quicker than they used to after being outside, or when other dogs or people pass thru. This seems to have a positive influence over the attitudes and relaxation of our dogs.” ~ Eric – Northern Chautauqua Canine Rescue, Westfield, NY

“Oh yes, I have seen behavioral improvements. They really settled down a lot with this type of music playing. They still bark when they ear someone comes in or see someone, but they are happy now. I will be sharing this great opportunity to a lot more rescues and shelters as I come into contact with them. Thank you so much for allowing us to have the players.” ~Bonnie – Tri State County Animal Response Team, Batavia, OH

“We use the system in the cats and dogs. we have 9 speakers that were installed and its amazing. We see behavioral improvement in the dogs that spin in there kennels, the dogs go quiet quicker and the smaller dogs seem to me more relaxed. We love it.” ~Donald –  Happy Tails, Rock Falls , IL

We feel blessed to have been given the opportunity to have been a part of this project, we feel the overall well being of the pets in our care has improved. The overall condition of the pets seems much improved., We do find singing to the pets very beneficial so when the nursery rhymes are playing we can sing along. Potential adopters have commented on how nice it was to have music playing in the room. And we constantly receive complements on how relaxed our guys are.” ~ Jill Marie – Trust Again Pet Shelter, Zolfo Springs, FL

“I think the music has a calming effect on EVERYONE – animals and people. This is a great program. We have noticed a huge impact on the stress level of our shelter animals. The animals seem much calmer & relaxed. Our staff and volunteers really enjoy the music as well. Thank you so much for providing this service to homeless animals!” ~ Tina – The Humane Society of North Myrtle Beach, North Myrtle Beach, SC

“I truly am amazed; I think it’s a wonderful program. Thank you so much for giving to the shelter dogs in our small rural shelter. It is nice to have the music and such a relaxing environment. I can’t tell you how amazed I am about how well the music is working. The shelter staff staff and a few volunteers thought I had lost my mind when I said we were going to us this and they admitted to me that it truly does work. THANK YOU so much for giving so freely to the shelter.” ~ Jennifer – Hancock County Animal Shelter, Lewisport, KY

“The mp3 player is working great for our kennels. We have seen a big reduction in the noise level and the canines seem to be in a much calmer state. We use the system about 7 hours a day at a low volume. The results are very positive and we thank you for the system.” ~Officer Mike – Edgewood Animal Shelter, Edgewood, NM

“We received our MP3 player and have been using it the last few days and it is FANTASTIC!! That is such a great little device! We love it so
much!! Thank You from the Staff and ALL the animals at the SEK Humane Society!!” ~ Melissa – Southeast KS Humane Society, Pittsburg, KS

“The Mp3 player is such an incredible help in the kennel.  It has significantly decreased the amount of barking and anxiety on the part of the dogs (as well as some of us).  What a wonderful gift to our animals and the public.” ~ Nancy Babos – Furever Friends Rescue, Gilbert, AZ

“Volunteers are thrilled with the changes and the music. It was wonderful, can’t think of a way to improve. Its so important that we collectively use everything we can to improve the lives of animals in shelters. Just by changing the music in the kennels, we’ve seen significant improvement in their stress, barking and ability to withstand the kennel environment.” ~Lynn – A New Hope Foundation, Loomis, CA

“We got the MP3 last week and it is wonderful!  One of our volunteers got it all hooked up today and it has already made a huge difference. Usually the dogs are very noisy when we first let them out and they were noticeably quiet this afternoon. The shelter worker commented about it before I even asked her.  She was very happy! Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to participate.” ~ Lisa – Partners For Pets, St. Jacob, IL

“I wanted to give you an update from the Cleveland APL.  We have had the music playing for about a month now, and it is noticeably quieter on the adoption floor.  We’ve also noticed that the dogs are sitting and lying down in their kennels rather than standing.  I am so grateful to you for donating the mp3 player!  We had someone donate a surround sound speaker system so that we could hook it up and let it play during the day.  Whenever I am near the kennels, I also enjoy the music.  Thank you so much!” ~ Lisa – Cleveland Animal Protective League, Cleveland, OH

“Got my speakers, got the unit all set up, turned it on, and after a few minutes of the music playing, one of our rescue kitties hopped up on the table, started rubbing against the speakers, curled up by them and drifted off into a peaceful sleep!  Here at Stray Central, I’ll say it’s “Kitty tested and kitty approved!”  Thanks a million!!!” ~Lisa – Stray Central, Springdale, AK

“Our shelter received the MP3 player last week. We immediately hooked them up and saw a difference. We have always played music in our kennels but this was amazing! The calming effects were quickly realized especially in our cat room! The cats were calmer and a lot more social when visited by the public. Our volunteers noticed a difference in the animal’s anxiety levels and the dogs bark much less. We are very pleased with the MP3 Project. The anxiety of the animals has greatly improved. Thanks to you all for a great program!!!” ~Angela – Humphreys County Humane Society, Waverly, TN

“We are so pleased with the MP3 player and music you provided the pets at our shelter.  I will testify anytime, that the music has a significant calming effect on our animals.  Thank you sooooooooooooo much !!” ~Joy – Spencer County Animal Shelter,Chrisney, IN

We just wanted to let you know that the animals and staff of the Regional Animal Shelter love the MP3 music! We agree, it calms the animals by lulling them with the music selections. Between 11 a.m. and 2-3 p.m. it is total siesta time here for our charges! Thank you for providing us with this wonderful enrichment tool.” ~ Lauri – Regional Animal Shelter, King William, VA

“Thanks for a really innovative program! Some of the very timid cats are somewhat more approachable, there seems to be a slight lessening of their anxiousness when approached by people. The music is a very nice addition to our Big Cat Room. Our shelter is a sanctuary as well as an adoption center and some of our cats are long-term residents. We don’t cage the cats unless they are new arrivals or sick, so the music just makes their environment more like a home than an institution. Volunteers really like the music and enjoy listening to it even when not working.” ~Lise – Salem County Humane Society, Carneys Point, NJ

“It usually took new cats 2-3 days to calm down and “settle in.” I’m now noticing most are much calmer the very next day with the MP3 music. And when played throughout the entire place and not just the isolation area, all the cats seem calmer and seem to get along better. Plus, the music also has a calming effect on me and the volunteers, which makes for more relaxed energy throughout the entire place! The MP3 music seems to help with separation anxiety and their adjustment to a new environment.” ~Lisa – Stray Central, Springdale, AK

“It is great! We rescue pregnant dogs from pounds many times only hours from having their babies. This is quite stressful for them and the music really helps soothe and settle them in a new environment. Thank you so much for providing this to our shelter. We use it each and every day!” ~Denise – Save A Mom, East Sparta, OH

We now have the music playing in all three care centers, and it is working wonders!  I have heard from multiple people in all locations how calming and soothing it is, and how the animals are responding to it.  I am sure that over time we will find a decreased noise level in the care centers, and decreased stress for our animals. I can already see the positive effect.  Thank you again for providing this wonderful tool.” ~ Jen – Animal Care & Control of  NYC

“We have had visitors and workers from other departments comment on the kennels being quieter since we started the music. Thank you so much for the Rescue Animal MP3. It has made a noticeable difference in the atmosphere of our shelter and being a small government ran open-admission shelter we may not have had the opportunity to explore this option due to budget restraints.” ~ Trinity – Hardee County Animal Control, Wauchula, FL

“Just an update.  We have received compliments on how are dogs are quieter and seem more content with the music.  We are in the process of remodeling the dog runs and hope to install a better sound system to allow for more coverage of the music. Once again, thank you so much for your wonderful product!” ~Patricia – Ponca City Humane Society, Ponca City, OK

“The kennel feels calmer. With the arrival of your music, we also put speakers up in the cattery areas. The public and the cats also seem to enjoy the homey and soothing music. Thank you so much helping sheltered animals! We are so thankful for Rescue Animal MP3 Project, supporters, and musicians for providing this amazing way enhance the shelter experience for animals and the people who care for them.” ~Laura – Lincoln County Animal Shelter, Newport, OR

“We are up and running! Thank you so much. I’m not sure who is enjoying the music more, me or the puppies and cats/kittens! Thanks again for all you do for us!” ~Beverly – Wags to Whiskers, Tuttle, OK

“Yes, it calms them down when the music playing. The music helps to stop the barking. Sometimes we have to first quiet them down so they can hear the music, than once they are calm and the music is playing, they stay quiet and relax. They are definitely more relaxed. THANK YOU!!” ~ Jodi – Lost Our Home Pet Foundation, Phoenix, AZ

“My cat rescue group (Fearless Kitty Rescue) just installed your MP3 player in our free-roaming facility and we have definitely noticed a difference. I look forward to bringing this calming music into the other rescues that I work with. Thank you for providing this wonderful tool!” ~Laura – Four Peaks Animal Rescue, Fountain Hills, AZ

“The staff and volunteers appreciate it very much and it seems to really calm the cats and dogs. We’re thrilled with it. The Animal Adoption Foundation is very appreciative of all the service that The Rescue Animal Project provides. The music has been an amazing addition to our shelter and has greatly calmed the dogs and cats. There is less noise and stress among the animals in our care. We hope that all shelters will take advantage of this amazing service! Thank you for the great service you do!” ~Jennifer – Animal Adoption Foundation, Hamilton, OH

“We absolutely love this idea! We have had many people come into the shelter and make comments about the music. Thanks!” ~Kelly – Seneca County Dog Warden, Tiffin, OH

“On bad weather days the music really helps the cats to be calmer. This is a really great idea I believe many shelters could benefit from this program. This is a very worthwhile project,and I am so great full we could be included in it!” ~ Diana – Rays Of Hope, Eubank, KY

“ABSOLUTELY! There is a night and day difference in the behavior and general happiness of our dogs and cats. Before we installed the MP3 player, our dogs would bark at any noise they heard. It was a near constant stream of barking. Since installing and playing the calming music, the barking has dropped AT LEAST 60%! They have a much calmer demeanor! The animals are so much calmer and at peace with the music going. Their tension from the shelter has easily been cut in half. I have noticed that the animals are more calm and relaxed, which I believe leads to elevated happiness. Everyone LOVES it! People have asked where to get this music for their pets at home after seeing how well it works! This MP3 has been a LIFESAVER to our shelter. It is unbelievable how much a difference this music system has made to our dogs and cats. I would recommend this ten times over to any shelter! ” ~Frankie – Clearlake Animal Control, Clearlake, CA

“The cats are very relaxed. They perk up when certain instruments are sounded (like the gong & chime). I feel the cats enjoy the music. We’re very pleased with the music. I find that I’m spending more time in the rooms with the cats just listening to the music. It’s calming to me too!” ~ Peggy – Safe Journey Rescue, Cedar Rapids, IA

“The first day it was amazing, the lobby was so noisy, then we turned it on and the staff loved the music and they said it made them feel better, more relaxed and happier. Yes, amazing on heavy surgery days when the lobby is full of owned animals. Thank you for this opportunity to help our dogs.” ~ Nina – Collierville Animal Services, Collierville, TN

“This is MOST useful for the cats, who previously had to listen to a “wall of barking” – now the sound helps the dogs, and the cats have their own MP3 players to cover any additional barking.” ~Lisa – Friends of Animals Utah, Park City, UT

“The cats seem to rest more and more people friendly. Less aggression in the large kennels. The cats seem to enjoy their morning treats more with the MP3 music. Especially new cats adjusting to the shelter environment. They play more with the toys and devises we provide to entertain them. The music on the MP3 has a positive effect on our cats and kittens, as well as our all volunteer staff caring for them. Feed back from some who have adopted cats from our shelter, stated the environment in our shelter is the best they have ever seen. This makes us feel our efforts are appreciated.” ~Jesse  – Yerington Area Cat Control, Yerington, NV

“It relaxes me when I see the dogs relax!” ~Heather – Animal Rescue League, Laurel, MS

“Well we finally finished the renovation at “Fearless Kitty Rescue” and have the MP3 player installed and playing !  Wow, lets just say it’s doing wonders for the humans as well as the kitties ! 🙂 Seriously, we want thank you for providing us with this music and MP3 player as we know it will have a positive impact on the kitties who are staying at the rescue center while they wait for their forever homes. We officially hooked it up June 16 (father’s day) so we will begin to monitor and record any/all positive effects we notice and/or changes in behavior. Thank you once again for providing this wonderful tool to us and helping us make our rescue/adoption center an even better place for the animals.” ~Kim – Fearless Kitty Rescue, Fountain Hills, AZ

“It is the space in between triggers-doors opening, people walking past, dogs walking past, etc, that we have seen the most improvement, they are more quiet during these times and they become quiet following a trigger much quicker. Longer periods of quiet time means less arousal. They rest comfortably and quietly when there are no triggers. We have many positive comments from the staff, volunteers, board of directors, and public!” ~Teresa – Cowley County Humane Society, Winfield, KS

“It’s fabulous!! Love the system, so thankful to your org. It’s a win-win situation! I know the minute I hear it when I walk in – I am more relaxed because I know the animals are!! I would recommend it all shelters & facilities!  Just wish more shelters knew about it. We can’t thank you enough for the MP3 player, it has made such a difference in the dog kennel area. I really enjoyed the video attached to your website too! I enjoyed watching the animals just become calm.” ~Andrea – Humane Society of Amherst County, Amherst, VA

“We have received and installed the Mp3 player in our shelter and it’s WONDERFUL!  We cannot believe how it settles and calms our dogs.  Thank you so much for providing us with this wonderful tool…we absolutely love it! ~Marnie – Washington County Humane Society, Slinger, WI

“There is a huge difference when the music plays. some dogs get cage nervous and this has helped immensely with that. Even certain songs seem to get them to quiet down and relax.” ~Jody – Adopt-A-Pet, Fenton, MI

“I wanted to let you know that we received our mp3 player and have installed it.  It is amazing to have calming music playing throughout the kennel!  Thank you so much for giving us this opportunity to enrich the lives of the animals in our care!” ~Danette – Torrance County Animal Shelter, McIntosh, NM

“Hi there!  We received the MP3 Player and have installed it in our kennel room.  WE LOVE IT!  We love it so much, and can already see the difference it is making for our kennel room dogs and puppies that we would really love to have one in both rooms.  We can see the difference in these rescue kids, and are impressed with your project.  THANK YOU so much for making a difference for rescue kids and shelter kids!!!  Let me know if we can have another one and bless you for your project and efforts!” ~Lori – Haven of Hope Rescue Foundation, Okarche, OK

“The cats are happier and the dogs seem to settle faster. It took the staff a little while to appreciate the music, but after a few days I noticed they actually turned it up because they enjoy it. We are trying to have a new shelter built and the MP3 project will be a big part of the kennel area. We have a quarantine area in the dog building so those cats get to hear the music and I have noticed they are calmer.” ~Tracy – Southwick Animal Control/Shelter, Southwick, MA

“Great project; good job!! More anxious cats are calmer and friendlier; less hiding. The music helps with anxiety and boredom. It keeps the cats interested and playful! thank you so much!! ~Alicia  – No Cat Left Behind, Syracuse, NY

“Thank you, thank you, thank you!! We love it; more importantly, the animals love it. Within minutes of putting the unit together, the cats were settling down for a nap. The puppies crawled on their Kuranda beds and were sleeping. How’s that for successful?! We will keep giving you updates. We know that it is going to be terrific for our shelter. I’m enclosing two photos of our plaque on the wall by the entrance to our shelter.” ~Tina – Cut Bank Animal Shelter, Cut Bank, MT

“We are Animal Control, so many animals come in and out so frequently, but I have peeked in through a window we have in the door leading to the kennels and find the dogs lying calmly on their resting benches more often than when the music is playing. When the music stops playing, many dogs get up and start messing around with their water bowls or start biting at the cage doors. Of course, I can’t guarantee that it doesn’t happen when the music is playing, I can just hear it when the music is not playing, which leads me to assume they do it more often without the music.” ~Cassie – Rock Springs Animal Control, Rock Springs, WY

“When there is no stimulation of people in the kennel area it seems like the dogs get quieter faster. There seems to be less pacing and the dogs particularly are laying down more. The instrumental music is definitely relaxing. It is a great program!” ~Julia – City of Mankato Animal Impound, Mankato, MN

“We just plugged in and turned on the mp3 player in the lobby and the dogs instantly stopped barking at feeding time. Thank you.” ~ Patricia – Mitchell County Animal Rescue, Spruce Pine, NC

“The Dogs are more Calm since we install the MP3.The Dogs & The Staff are Loving the Music.Can”t Thank you enough!!!” ~Michael – Nolas Furry Friends, Woodland Park, NJ

“Thank you again for the music. It has made a wonderful change for the better for our dogs.” ~ Jackie – Medfield Animal Shelter, Medfield, MA

“We have installed the system In our kennels. It works perfectly. We have started to notice the animals being in a calmer state. The canines are especially effected by the music which helps during cleaning by our kennel workers. I will keep you updated on the progress. Thank you for this great system and your help with this project.” ~Officer Mike – Edgewood Animal Control, Edgewood NM

“We are very pleased with the results. This seems to be an ongoing process, but I have noticed that at night when I am working here alone, it is much quieter in the kennels. Staff and volunteers have told me that the music is much improved over what we had before. We are very proud to be a participant in this very worthwhile project! ~Warren – Greater Huntsville Humane Society, Huntsville, AL

“The dogs all seem to be more calm during the day.” ~Yuri – Animal Humane New Mexico, Albuquerque, NM

“We’ve had a great experience with the music you’ve provided here at our Newington branch and we would love to be able to implement the music at our two other shelters in Westport and Waterford. We love the program! ~Amanda, Connecticut Humane Society, Newington, CT

“We cannot thank you enough! We have seen less stress in the animals and in our staff!” ~Lisa, Central MN Animal Control, Sauk Rapids, MN

“Easy to use, like the variety. Visitors seem to like the background music as well since it adds a touch of class. Especially in cat intake areas. Thanks so much for your efforts on behalf of animals. ~ Anthony – Heart of Minnesota Animal Shelter, Hutchinson, MN

“We connected the Mp3 player in a minute and immediately saw the difference. What a wonderful way to relax our shelter guests. The difference was so noticeable. We can’t thank you enough for you generosity.” ~Cheryl – Blue Moon Cat Shelter, Witter, Arkansas

“When more relaxed , less stress. I think they are getting better sleep at night.” ~Carol – Friends of Noah, Amelia, OH

“I just wanted to make sure you knew how thankful we are for the donation of the Mp3 player with music. We use it daily at the shelter and overall it seems to be quite relaxing and helpful to our dogs. Thank you so much for introducing this to us.” ~ Sarina – Morrow County Dog Shelter, Mt. Gilead, OH

“The cats seem much more relaxed. The cats seem more laid back – there have been a lot less fights – we hardly have any fights but there are even less now. This is the first time in several years where we have no cats on meds at all – wonderful!! The volunteers have all commented on the music and the positive effect on the cats. They have also commented that they are more relaxed when they are at the shelter. We are extremely happy with the music and the calming effect for the cats. Thanks so much for the music – we are always looking for anything that can improve the quality of the life of the cats while they are waiting to be adopted.” ~ Joann – Second Chance Animal Rescue, Austintown, OH

“We just installed our mp3 player in the shelter and its awesome!! Thank you very much! I think the dogs and cats are really starting to respond!  What a great program this is!” ~Bradley – Town of Oyster Bay Animal Shelter, Syosset, NY

“We love this I actually went and bought some wireless speakers on my own so the cats could enjoy the music as well. I have had so many visitors comment on the music in the kennels. Thank you so much and I do tell everyone in Animal Control I run in too about it. Thank you so much.” ~Christy – Cranston Animal Shelter, Cranston, RI

“We received our set up last week and are thrilled to have it working! The music is soothing and helpful; our conditions are not the best acoustically, but the dogs who come in new to the pound are the ones who primarily enjoy it. Thanks for this most wonderful donation to the Friends of Campbell County Animal Control, and to the Campbell County Animal Control and Care Facility, Rustburg, VA” ~Barbe

“It is a easy, simple system that is a wonderful additions for our Animals. Your organization is missing out on a great opportunity by not using the Mp3 Project! Thanks for the program!” ~Laurie -Central Nebraska Humane Society, Grand Island, NE

“The music on the Mp3 is excellent! I love the music that was sent to us.” ~Shannon – Dog Orphans, Douglas, MA

“We are very pleased with the results so far.  Amazing!” ~ED – Yavapai Humane Society, Prescott, AZ

“The first day we installed it, the animals made a noticable difference in attitude and noise.” ~TJ -Cheatham County Animal Control, Pegram, TN

“Thank you for all you do!! It truly seems to be helping them to relax… and is also welcoming to our visitors/customers… ” ~Angela – The Animal Orphanage of Voorhees, Voorhees, NJ

“With both the cats and dogs, the music seems to help keep the stress levels down, which in turn keeps the barking down as well. We have had many questions about the music, so we explain why it’s played and where the music comes from. Thanks to you and your group, we enjoy the music.” ~Paul – Chasing Daylight Animal Shelter, Tomah, WI

“Everything worked out just fine and I just want to thank you again especially from all the furbabies” ~Jim -Animal Guardians of South Carolina, Little River, SC

“We love the results that the music does for the animals.” ~Debbie -South Salt Lake and Holladay City Animal Services, South Salt Lake City, UT

“While the music is playing the kennel area is quiet and the animals seem relaxed” ~Nancy – Howard County Animal, Columbia, MD

“Thank you so much! We have received our player and are in the process of setting it up in our shelter (we decided that it was worth investing in new speakers, so we’ll buy them this weekend!).I am so very thankful. The music is exactly what I would have selected and I think this will make a world of difference in the quality of life for the senior animals at our rescue. I can’t thank you enough for being part of this project and working on behalf of animals in shelters! ~Jackie – Peaceful Passings, Bremo Bluff, VA

“Thanks Rescue Animal MP3 Project! ARL dogs are loving their MP3 player! There’s one song they always sing to. :)” ~Debbie – Animal Rescue League, Laurel, MS

“We received our unit today!! A million thanks it works great!  We are going to buy a better speaker for it. It was just the nicest thing for you and your organization to do.The player was very easy to set up. This was a nice early Christmas gift for our cats. thank you very much!!”~Diana – Rays of Hope, Eubank, KY

“We love your program, and play the music daily.  We definitely feel it has made a tremendous difference.” ~Cliff – Flathead Animal Shelter, Kalispell, MT

“I just wanted to say thank you on behalf of the Mankato, Minnesota stray animals for this awesome MP3 player.
The dogs and cats really enjoy it and it’s made a huge difference to the atmosphere in the building. The animals seem a lot more calm instead of scared and stressed out. All of the dogs were barking and were all wound up while I was putting it together. Then once the music started- it was like magic. They literally laid on their dogs beds and went to sleep!!! I couldn’t believe it! It’s so much more quiet! Thank you also for the directions and helpful tips for putting it together. The whole process went really smoothly!
What a great mission. Thanks again!!!! The staff and volunteers are really excited about this. :)” ~Terri Hanson – City of Mankato Animal Impound, Mankato, MN

“Thank you so much! We use this calming music at our shelter and have seen an improvement in our dogs.” ~Meridian Valley Humane Society, Meridian, ID

“Thank you so much for the Mp3 player and calming music. I was at our shelter yesterday and for the first time ever they were able to keep the door between the cat room and the dog kennels open. All the dogs were quiet, it was amazing!!!” ~Anonymous

“The staff enjoys it too! Thank you for sharing this gift with our shelter. With more then 10,000 animals passing through our doors, it is less chaotic with calming music. All of the shelter animals rest each evening and are lulled to sleep while listening to the music provided from this project. Thank you for bringing pleasant and calming sounds and music to the animals. We appreciate the gift.”  ~Ellen –  Animal Friends of the Valleys, Wildomar, CA

“I think it works well, and shows so much improvement on the calmness of new and incoming dogs, also very relaxing for the cats too. Owner surrenders are the hardest, but they seem to adapt better.   ~Heidi – Randolph County Humane, Sparta, IL

“We love the system.” ~Brenda – Northwoods Humane Society, Wyoming , MN

“Easy to use, like the variety. Visitors seem to like the background music as well since it adds a touch of class. Especially in cat intake areas. Thanks so much for your efforts on behalf of animals. ~ Anthony – Heart of Minnesota Animal Shelter, Hutchinson, MN

“Terrific program. I have given the information to other programs”  ~Susan – BENCHS, Mankato, MN

“GREAT PROJECT, KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK”  ~Amy – Nevada Animal Shelter, Nevada, MO

“We received the player and its wonderful!!! We love it thank you so much!” ~Andre – Volunteers for Animals, Batavia, NY

“Some of the staff have “favorite” songs and like to think the dogs do too, it has lightened the depressing feel of the building. But even if the music just relaxes the people interacting with the dogs- thats a plus, then they are more likely to be patient, kind, and tolerant. It’s easy, once you have the device set up you don’t even think about it until the timer kicks on the soft, relaxing music. Enrichment for shelter animals does not need to be difficult. This program makes it easy!”  ~Liz  – Iowa City Animal Care and Adoption Center,  Iowa City, IA

“We played music in our facility before having your sounds. After using your music, we noticed that the cats and dogs responded well to the music. Guests and staff enjoyed the sounds as well. Seems to create calm, positive energy in the shelter. Many thanks to you for providing this.”  ~Mike – Haven for Animals, Fairhope, AL

“We LOVE the Rescue Animal Mp3 Project as it has significantly decreased the level of barking and anxiety of the animals at our spay/neuter clinic. We are grateful for this gift!” ~ Wendy- Quick Fix, Medina, OH

“The animals at The Pet Rescue Center, Inc in Coachella live in a converted home, and they are all set up in playpens. Each dog has a clean bed and toys and a blanket to lay on. the music is so calming they come in from playing outside and fall fast to sleep. I have noticed since they MP3 project they all seem more calm and responsive. The music calms all the dogs down, especially the heartbeat. Thank you for the opportunity to play this for our animals. We used to play smooth jazz music from the radio, now we just use your music.” ~Christine – Pet Rescue Center, Coachella, CA

“”My staff looked at me as if I were a little crazy when I first introduced the music, but they are now believers! Yes — it seems to really calm the kennel animals. We have noticed a marked improvement of the level of anxiety. Some say it relaxes them to the point where they are ready for a nap — which of course I don’t allow! ~Kathy – Metro East Humane Society, Edwardsville, IL

“We love the program!” ~Elizabeth – Palm Beach Animal Care & Control, Palm Beach, FL

“Our Mp3 player is in place and we are all enjoying the music! Thank you so much for making this beautiful music and for making it so easy for shelters to access it. Thank you!” ~Susan – BENCHS, Mankato, MN

“When there is no one looking at them they are calm and relaxed. Our cat room and dog kennels are on opposite sides of the building. Could use one for the Cat Room! Music is good for the soul….even for the ones that have 4 legs! Thank you for your help.” ~Beverly – Edgewater Animal Shelter, Edgewater, FL

“Thank you so much for donating the Mp3 player to Save A Mom Rescue. It has helped create a relaxing environment for our momma dogs to raise their pups.” ~Denise – Save A Mom, East Sparta, OH

“Thank you so much for the Mp3 player and music that has made a tremendous difference in the shelter environment for our dogs. The calming effect it has on the dogs in such a stressful situation is amazing. Enclosed you will find a donation so that the Rescue Animal Mp3 Project may continue to enrich the lives of the shelter animals. Thank you again, the staff, volunteers and most especially the dogs of the  ~Pottawattamie County Animal Shelter”, Council Bluffs, IA

“We think all the animals are significantly more relaxed. You are doing a great service! We had wanted to put in music and your grant caused us to get moving on this project. Our board president teaches pre-engineering at the local high school. He brought in his engineering club and they did a great job of setting up the system. We are getting music into our kennels, our cat adoption and holding, and our puppy adoption and holding areas. This has made a tremendous difference in the whole atmosphere of our shelter and has had a positive effect on animals, staff, and visitors. ~Bobbi, Lee County Humane Society, Auburn, AL

“The music has a very soothing effect on the dogs. After turning on the music we noticed a change right away. It has a very relaxing effect on both the staff and the animals.” ~Laurie – Tama County Humane Society, Tama, IA

“We just received our MP3 and got it set up. I wanted to let you know how much we appreciate it and how much we are looking forward to having a calmer kennel environment at our shelter. It is wonderful what you guys are doing to help rescues and shelters, most of whom are non-profit and can’t really afford these types of “extras” when we are working hard to feed and house them from day-to-day. Again, thank you so very much! ~Your friends at Southern Pines Animal Shelter in Hattiesburg, Mississippi.”

“Thank you for your generous donation of the Mp3 player and music! Our dogs have responded to it already. The Rescue Animal Mp3 Project is an inspired idea and greatly appreciated! Thanks again.” ~Hutchinson Animal Shelter staff, volunteers & animals- Hutchinson, KS

“Everything is up and running, we love all of the great music” ~ Taylea- CHA Shelter, Columbus, OH

“The dogs settle down right away during nap time. Everyone loves the song about walk the dog!” ~Brenda – Five Acres Animal Shelter, St Charles, MO

“I think that having the music available to our shelter staff and pets is great. I have provided the information to several other shelters.” ~Kristi – Harrisonville Animal Shelter, Harrisonville, MO

I am so surprised! I just sent in the application and zip! We get an answer and a new Mp3 player for our furries! Yahooo! Thank you so much!” ~Susan- Benches, Mankato, MN

“It has arrived and we have been using it for weeks.  It is great.  Thank you very much.” ~Terri – HOPE Animal Rescue, Clifton Park, NY

“I’m soooo happy! Our animals are sooo relaxed! Love the music! I’m so happy to see them relaxed and quiet. I love the music, there’s so much to listen! I’ll be sending you some pictures from our adoptions center. Our staff, specially one girl, was always asking me to put on some other music different from the one we had, we was bored listening to the same thing, I can imagine our animals too! Thank you! We really appreciate it, and our animals too!” ~Mariana – Fundacion Luca AC, Mexico

“Thank you greatly for providing us with this! We, including the kitties, appreciate it!” ~Briana – StreetCats, Tulsa, OK

“While I was skeptical at first, this has been one of the best programs that my rescue has participated in. It is truly beneficial to the animals. WOW! Have we seen behavioral improvements! All to the good! Best idea ever for rescues! I was surprised at how well this works for the animals and for ME! Some animals have emotional issues that interfere with appetite no matter what else is going on. But overall, they are all happier and healthier! I got a second set for my satellite rescue in Chicago and she loves it too for her handicapped cats!” ~ Susan – Special Needs Rescue Services, Grantville, GA

“Although we knew this was likely helpful for the animals, we had unsuccessful attempts using old, donated laptops playing back music. This system is MUCH simpler, compact and AFFORDABLE and the staff are really getting into the habit of using it because it’s definitely created a more relaxing environment for EVERY living being in our busy building!” ~Kelly – Prince Edward Island Humane Society, Prince Edward Island, Canada

“Just wanted to let you know, that we, received & have installed our MP3 player!!! It seems to help calm the dogs, especially when there isn’t anyone, in the kennel area!!! 🙂 Thank You!!!” ~Lisa- Morgan County Animal Control, Jacksonville, IL

“We love the MP3 music and player. Hook up was quick and easy. The calming effect was immediate. Wish we could do the same in our home.” ~Larry – Blue Moon Cat Shelter, Witter, AR

“Thank you so much for sending the mp3 player to the Iowa City Animal Center!  I have it up and running in our dog building.  In our opinion, it’s working already!  It is certainly hard to measure, but things just seem a little calmer. Since we are in a temporary building, we have a huge ceiling, warehouse like- with open kennels- constant dog stimulation.  So when it’s more quiet- we notice! I’ll keep you updated.” ~Liz- Iowa City Animal Care & Adoption Center, Iowa City, IA

“We have received our player and have it hooked up and going.  What was interesting was at first the dogs started to howl but then they quieted down. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity.” ~Carrie- Pauls Valley Animal Shelter, Pauls Valley, OK

“I just wanted to let you know that we LOVE the new music! The quality is great and I truly believe that the dogs are benefiting from it – I know the staff is! We keep it at the perfect volume and the staff seems more relaxed as well. Our pups are much quieter throughout the day, which is so beneficial for them. Thank you so much for this great program!” ~Amanda-Connecticut Humane Society, CT

“I cannot thank you ENOUGH for the MP3 player and your wonderful work!!!
Today I visited the Ranch and installed it- the moment it came on I felt like I was in a totally different world! LIGHT YEARS better than the CD player I put in there that kept jamming, and then would quit working due to being stepped on, or fur.
I wanted to send you some photos to show you what a difference it made immediately!!! Bless you for your wonderful work.” ~Sharon-Friends of Animals Utah Park City, UT

“The music is calming & relaxing. It is more welcoming. We at TASTC love the Rescue Animal MP3 Project. It has helped to calm new, scared puppies and large angry dogs. It has made our shelter more welcoming to the public as well. It is a great alternative to “CD” or “radio” music, as you know what will be playing and its more relaxing.” ~Marsha – The Animal Shelter of Texas County, Houston, MO

“The package arrived yesterday and we set up the player with timer this morning.  Everything worked great and the music you all selected is very peaceful.  The dogs seemed to calm down much sooner after they get excited from a walk or play time.  Typically, they remain energized until about 3p in the evenings. I also plan on including this news in an article for our next newsletter.  Thanks again for this wonderful multi-purpose gift.” ~Mike-The Haven Fairhope, AL

“The Mohawk Hudson Humane Society just received our Mp3 player. The dogs love it! Thank you so much, it’s very soothing.” ~Alyssa- Mohawk Humane Society Menands, NY

“I am with Paws for Life, Inc., and we and the Edmond Animal Welfare, just installed your program in our shelter. We are loving it! I hear reports from many of the volunteers about how much difference it has made in calming the dogs. Thank you so very much for making this possible. One of the volunteers inquired if it were possible to purchase the music for home use. She said her crew of pets could use it! Thanks, again, from all the pets, volunteers, staff and customers of the animal shelter!” ~Mary – Edmond Animal Welfare, Edmond, OK

“We had been struggling to find appropriate, low-cost music to use with our PA system.  The music (and equipment) you sent is perfect!  The animals (and humans) are enjoying it very much.  This is a fantastic program!” ~Tara – PAWS Humane Center Lawrenceburg, IN

“Thank you so much to the people at the Rescue Animal Mp3 Project on behalf of the staff, volunteers, dogs, and cats at the Animal Adoption Foundation in Hamilton, Ohio. We received the Mp3 player about a week ago and are already noticing a huge difference. The animals are calmer and the staff and volunteers are enjoying it too. Keep up the incredible work and thanks again!” ~Jennifer – Animal Adoption Foundation Hamilton, OH

“I think the dogs are calmer. I would like to thank you for allowing us to participate in this project. I truly believe the music has had a positive affect on our dogs. I also believe it helps me :)” ~ Kris – Eyes of Hope Shelter, Oxford, WI

“Well I am excited and grateful. I look forward to seeing a reduction in stress for our residents, reduction in medical care costs thanks to sounds of your music, and sharing this news with our friends and Rescue Animal Mp3 Project. I am so glad to see others using music in their shelters and new organizations like yours being the leader.” ~Mike-The Haven Fairhope, AL

“Thank you for the wonderful relaxing music. I can tell a difference in the dogs and actually myself!” ~ Lindsey – Tuscarawas Humane Society Ohio

“Thanks so much for the beautiful music! Everyone at the pound is enjoying it, dogs & humans alike. It has made the hectic environment so much more relaxing and peaceful. I appreciate the passion you have for this project. What a wonderful way to help the homeless animals who are waiting patiently for a second chance to find their forever homes. Thank you again for sharing the lovely songs with us at the Tuscarawas County Dog Pound. Your generosity is greatly appreciated.” ~ Karen – Tuscarawas County Dog Warden Ohio

“Once it gets turned on the animals stay quiet. They don’t seem to bother being at the shelter. ~Lisa – Campbell Co Animal Shelter, Melbounre, KY

“Thank you SO much for sending it.  It’s WONDERFUL.  The dogs seem calmer now.” ~ Shirley – Brooklyn Animal Shelter Ohio

“Thank you from Angels for Animals Rescue League for your MP3 donation! We love it!!” ~ Tara – Angels for Animals Elida, Ohio

“Thank you for bringing the Mp3!  The animals are really enjoying it.  I love in the morning when all the dogs are barking and you turn the music on and they get quiet, so amazing… Thanks again and we will definitely tell other facilities about your great cause.”
~ Rhonda – Second Chance Salt Lake City, Utah

“The music even relaxes me as a human. It soothes and calms my mind down.” ~ Kathy-employee from the Stark County Animal Adoption Center

“We love the music” ~ Friends of the Stark County Pound Volunteer

“You may not believe this, but if anyone would, you and your team will…
Ever since you good people donated the ipod with soothing music, our dogs have not barked at all.  It is eerily (and gladly!) quiet around here during the days. This morning, one small dog started whining and I turned up the music just a ting and the dog never whined the rest of the day. Everyone is noticing that “for some reason” the dogs have not been barking. So far, it’s very peaceful here! Love it and all of you!” ~ Wendy – Kitten Krazy Medina, OH

“Yes, dogs are quieter when there are not people in the kennels. It’s still very noisy when people come through to view the animals but maybe not as much as it used to be. We notice dogs sleep more during the day. Everyone that comes in comments on the music. We have a very positive response. We have referred several people to your website. This is a great program. I’m so glad we were able to participate.” ~ Lynn – Rockin’ G Animal Shelter, Pryor, OK

“Thank you so much for your generous donation to our shelter. The pets really benefit from the calm soothing music your MP3 player provides. We certainly feel lucky to be the recipients of your kindness..” ~ April –  Morongo Basin Humane Society, CA

“Exciting day for our big dog room – we are now listening to a great selection of music from Rescue Animal Mp3 Project. It has only been part of a day and we already notice a difference in the dogs! — THANKS!!!”

The Rescue Animal Mp3 music works great for the cats and other animals too!! See if another Mp3 Player is desired for your cat or additional dog room(s).