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Hanai Music for PetsHanai Music-Kris Lee-Scott

Kris Lee-Scott blends 14 different acoustic and electronic instruments together in a unique ‘soundscape’ that has touched many hearts and souls.


Scientific research shows that gentle, flowing music helps reduce stress, anxiety and even pain in people. Now, new studies confirm that it works on your pet too!

Mastered and engineered according to the latest findings, this beautiful CD was composed, arranged and played entirely by Hanai (Kris Lee-Scott) to alter the biochemistry of both animals and people.

Kris Lee-Scott composerComposed, arranged and played entirely by Hanai (Kris Lee-Scott) for her dying Himalayan kitty “Kea”, these beautiful songs are played at a slow tempo (50-70 beats per minute) to help reduce pain, agitation, stress, hyperactivity, anxiety and more.  Plus, each song has been Re-Mastered to reduce the pitches, frequencies and overtones that a pets ears are more sensitive to.

This unique collection of gorgeous instrumental music makes the perfect gift for pets AND their owners!

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