Inspiring Stories

We always like to hear the stories with happy endings but what about all the other stories of homeless animals that are rescued and placed in adoption shelters. Can we somehow enrich their lives in the present not knowing what their future will bring?

puppy needing new homeMy first visit to the Stark County pound was about 15 years ago to help a person who needed to rehome a black lab cross puppy immediately and with so much desperation in her voice she said she had no choice but to take this pup to the pound since she could not find anyone to adopt him. She reached out to me to help so I went to the Stark county pound and rescued the puppy to try to find him a permanent home.

I will never forget the barking and whining of the homeless dogs begging for my glance and the scared ones huddled in the dark corners of their unfamiliar cages.

Oh, I wanted to adopt them all. My heart was full of sadness as I left the facility but the puppy’s happiness with me, his new found friend, helped me through. We immediately stopped at a nearby park for a run. Then came the difficult task of finding a home for this little guy. I just happened to talk to the right person at the right time and I was very fortunate to have found him a loving home.

raja finds a homeMy next experience with the Stark County Pound was indirectly related. My best friend, Cindy, has helped for many years volunteering and being on the Board for the Friends of Stark Pound. She has worked hard improving the environment for the dogs and giving them outside exercise, loving attention, a soft blanket to lie on, lots of treats and whatever she could do to make their temporary stay more comfortable. In February 2010 a shy young white dog with a black patch on her eye won Cindy’s heart and she lovingly brought Raja home only to find out a week later that she was pregnant. On March 21, 2010 Cindy and I helped Raja deliver 9 beautiful puppies-white with black spots, black with white spots and some even had brown markings.

Raja and Isabel former rescue animals in happy homesAs I regularly visited with these cute puppies, one puppy always was looking for me more than the others as I arrived and when I held her I felt her heart bond to mine. I was not sure I was up for the task of raising a puppy but one day as I was daydreaming this particular little puppy was dancing on my heart and I knew I had no choice but to adopt her. I told her that I needed her to help me with my holistic healing work and she happily agreed to go with me every day to my office and greet all my clients and their pets calmly as they walked in for their appointment. Her happy enthusiasm made me laugh and take more time to enjoy the outside on our many walks. We always had such special walks with Raja and Cindy. They would run like the wind on our walks and always return when called with a happy wiggle. My puppy, Isabel, made every one smile with her twinkle in her eye and her special puppy love. Her young life was tragically shortened as she crossed the Rainbow Bridge at 8 months of age.

Isabel FundIsabel’s love captured my heart and she reminds me to live life to the fullest every day. She showed me through her life and passing how precious our time is. She taught me to stop and smell the flowers along my life’s path and frolic (like a butterfly) and smile through life’s journey even though my future path may not always be seen. She taught me these lessons with so much loving grace. I knew even through my grief that she completed her mission with me and helped me on my own life’s journey.

I was thinking of ways to give back to the Stark Pound for the gift of Isabel (through Raja’s adoption). I began to think of methods to help enrich and calm the rescued animals’ temporary home at the pound. Because of my experience with the calming effects of music and vibrational holistic therapies, I thought of the perfect answer, I would donate music to their facility to calm the animals and allow their unconditional love to shine through. I continue to follow my heart with the formation of the Rescue Animal Mp3 Project and my vision of calming music playing in Adoption Facilities across the US. This project is made possible with the so many generous heartfelt donations and the hard work of our dedicated volunteer staff.

Pamela Fisher, DVM