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Mozart for Dogs, Beethoven for Dogs, Chopin for Dogs
Mozart for Cats, Beethoven for Cats, Chopin for Cats
by Felix Pando composer

PandoMusic by Felix Pando composer, Classical Music for Dogs and CatsWorld renowned musician, composer, arranger and sound engineer Felix Pando has personally selected his favorite melodies from Mozart, Chopin and Beethoven and, through the musical magic of the Pando Effect™, adapted them for your pet’s listening enjoyment. And, they are so beautifully orchestrated that you will enjoy the soothing and relaxing environment they create as much as your pet does.

PandoMusic™ Classical Music for Dogs and Cats uses instruments that produce sounds at certain frequencies that are particularly appealing to your pet. The soothing qualities of this music helps make dogs and cats feel at ease, more tranquil, and has a positive effect on their emotions.

PandoMusic™ Classical Music for Dogs and Cats has the remarkable quality to stimulate your pet’s senses, creating a feeling of tranquility, comfort and calm. Each of the melodies on these CDs was produced using certain distinctive frequencies, many of them undetectable to the human ear, that are both pleasing and comforting to animals. The music also incorporates special sound effects that create the illusion for your pet that others are also at home, helping alleviate any sense of loneliness.

During his many years as a musician and sound engineer, Felix Pando discovered that certain sounds and frequencies created a symbiotic relationship between music and those who listen to it. The effect of this interaction is to create a stress-free surrounding in which animals can relax and feel healthier and more at ease because:

  • Each composition contains special musical frequencies only pets can detect.
  • The album incorporates familiar sound effects that create the illusion that your pet is not home alone, helping alleviate any sense of loneliness.
  • Special instruments were selected for these compositions for their proven calming effect.

This technique of using distinctive instruments and special sounds found naturally in our environment is what we call the PANDO EFFECT™. Both pets and their owners will enjoy and benefit from the calming influences of these harmonious melodies and find that they enhance their lives together.

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