Brand new Sandisk Earbuds + Free MicroUSB Cord

We appreciate your support of these ongoing fundraisers!

When we purchase the mp3 players, the come with SanDisk earuds and a MicroUSB connector cord, which isn’t used in the shelter installations. As we ship more players out to shelters all over the country, our inventory of these earbuds grew. Finally we realized… hey, these might make another way for us to raise money to be able to supply more shelters. So… if you need new earbuds, and who doesn’t ;-), please consider ordering.

Brand new SanDisk earbuds. They are perfect for a replacement pair of headphones for any mp3 player. Also included is a FREE microUSB connection to the computer as shown in the picture free of charge. The earbuds received will be given in their original packaging from NEW Sandisk Jam Mp3 player  packages. $14.99 with Free shipping.

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