Stuart Jones

The Music – Stuart Jones

Animal Angels & Connecting with Animals
by Stuart Jones & Margrit Coates
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Animal Angels & Connecting with Animals“Music which is a celebration of the Angels in animal form that watch over us” – Margrit Coates.
It is music also, to reflect the Angel quality of our four-legged teachers and guides. When I listen to this album with my pets, I can feel it awaken a powerful and magical connection between us.’

Angels surround us and watch over us all the time. They protect and guide us, heal us. Angels are our teachers too, leading us to a deeper understanding of the natural world. As well as Animal Guardian Angels, watching over you right now, there are our family Animal Angels our pets and horses. Helping us, teaching us, bringing healing messages.. they are our earthly link with the Angelic Realms of light. Animal Angels reach out to touch our souls with their unconditional love, offering support and strength.
Animal Angels & Connecting with AnimalsConnecting with animals takes place when we tune into them via our minds and hearts.  Animals communicate with us all the time, but humans often ignore this way of being or misunderstand what they are saying. When we activate our sixth sense, or intuition, then we can hear what animals say to us and learn how to help them.  Share this relaxing album with your four legged friends, so that they can guide you to a place of deeper awareness.

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